Saturday, September 20, 2014

Letter to elected officials

As a person of faith, I believe that climate change is a moral issue. I
believe that we have a responsibility to care for Creation, marginalized
peoples and future generations.

Now is our moment to take swift and strong action to address climate

I urge you to acknowledge that climate change is human-caused, already
happening, and needs to be urgently addressed in a bipartisan fashion by
Congress. What is the world we collectively wish to leave for our children
and grandchildren?

Please take the lead on climate action and work to make it a bipartisan

How the next war on Iraq/Syria ends

This came from Facebook, and we of course, know exactly how this ends. It will lead to more death, violence and destruction. It will increase terrorism. It will waste a huge amount of money. It will harm and kill many millions of innocent people - who are not combatants. It will show that we did not learn a damn thing from our war on Afghanistan or Iraq or Vietnam. It will end badly. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Warning to War Supporters

By David Swanson - Posted on 10 September 2014

I know you mean well. I know you think you've found a bargain that nobody else noticed hidden in a back corner of the used car lot. Let me warn you: it's a clunker. Here, I'll list the defects. You can have your own mechanic check them out:
1. If you want to bomb a country every time an evil group murders people in a gruesome manner, you'll have to bomb a lot of countries including our own.  ISIS draws its strength in Iraq from resentment of the Iraqi government, which bombs its own cities using U.S. weapons, and which beheads people, albeit in grainier footage with lower production values.  Allies in the region, including allies that support ISIS, including allies armed by the United States (some of which arms end up in the hands of ISIS), themselves behead people regularly. But is that worse than other types of killing? When President Barack Obama blew up a 16 year old American boy whom nobody had ever accused of so much as jaywalking, and blew up six other kids who were too close to him at the time, do you imagine his head remained on his body?
As with most drone strikes, that boy could have been arrested and questioned. Had he been, though, gruesome death would have remained a possibility. In April, the United States injected a man with chemicals that made him writhe in excruciating pain for 43 minutes and die. Last week in the United States a man facing a similar fate on death row was proven innocent and freed. The prosecutor who had put him there 30 years earlier showed zero remorse. Now I'm not proposing that we bomb North Carolina because I'm angry at that prosecutor. I'm not even angry at that prosecutor. I am suggesting that there are evil killers all over the place, some wearing Western suits and ties, some wearing military uniforms. Bombs, which mostly kill innocent people who had nothing to do with it, won't help.
2. The bombs will mostly kill innocent people who had nothing to do with it, and will only make the crisis worse. Most people who die in wars are civilians by everyone's definition. People still use words like "battlefield" as if wars were waged in a field the way a football game is played. They couldn't play football on our streets and sidewalks because grandparents and baby strollers would end up tackled and crushed. Well, wars are waged on people's streets and sidewalks, even when one side is only present in the sky above in the form of unmanned robot death planes. The slow-moving die first: the very old and the very young. And when anyone dies, according to top U.S. officials, more enemies are created in greater numbers. Thus, the operation is counterproductive on its own terms, making us less safe rather than safer. This is why President Obama is always saying "There is no military solution" just before proposing to use the military to seek a solution. When he proposes bombing Iraq for three more years, that number has no basis in military calculation whatsoever. I challenge you to find a general who says otherwise. It is a number almost certainly based on the U.S. election schedule, aimed at convincing us to accept a war without question until a date after the next presidential election. When Obama says he's going to get a good government in place in Iraq this week and then make a speech, he's delusional or enjoying toying with your gullibility, but he's also pointing to the actual problem: a nation destroyed by 24 years of wars and sanctions and lacking a legitimate governing system.
3. Bombing is crazy, and bombing for three years is certifiable. Bombing strengthens ISIS. Three years is longer than most U.S. wars have taken from beginning to end.  The U.S. Constitution, which did not foresee a permanent standing army, much less one permanently standing in most other nations on earth, did not permit -- and does not permit -- creating and funding one for a longer period than two years at a time (Article I. Section 8.). But of course nothing guarantees that the bombing will stop after three years and not go on for thirty more. And nothing guarantees that this war will involve only bombing. Already Obama has sent over 1,100 troops, and is promising to send some number less than 100,000. Read that twice please, slowly. Obama wants Congress to debate his war plans but not vote on them. Why not? Because Congress might be compelled by you and me to vote no, if not on this war then on the next one. Obama wants himself and all future presidents free to launch wars without Congress, exactly what he campaigned for office opposing.

"The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation." —Senator Barack Obama. 

The U.S. "intelligence" agencies, by the way, deem ISIS no threat to the United States. Apart from trashing the Constitution and really the one thing its framers got right, President Obama is trashing the U.N. Charter and the Kellogg Briand Pact, laws that forbid war.

4. The fact that it's Obama doesn't make it OK. A majority of you supported attacking Afghanistan and within a couple of years a majority of you said Afghanistan should not have been attacked. Why not? Not because there weren't evil people in Afghanistan, but because bombing the country made everything worse, not better.  You kept telling pollsters it was a bad idea for over another decade, but the war rolled on, and still rolls on.  Iraq is a similar story, although you were even faster to change your mind.  And the occupation ended when President Bush and Prime Minister Maliki signed an agreement for three more years of that war, and then the three years ran out.  At that point, President Obama tried to win approval from the Iraqi government to keep U.S. troops in Iraq longer, but with immunity for any crimes they might commit.  Failing at that, Obama withdrew the troops.  Having won that concession now, he's sending them back in.  Does the fact that it's Obama doing it, rather than Bush, make it OK? Remember the massive protests when Bush proposed a war on Iraq? Obama just put the band back together in Wales, and you're squealing with delight that he visited Stonehenge, or you're busy coloring in your "I'm Ready for Hillary" posters.

The nation of Iraq was utterly destroyed last time. The place is in total chaos: violence, hatred, poverty, illness, desperation, fanaticism.  Dumping gasoline on that fire is worse now than before, not better. And now we have NATO toying with a nuclear confrontation with Russia, drone wars generating violence and terrorism in Yemen, Pakistan, and Somalia, the U.S. Navy poking China in the eye with a stick, troops heading into a dozen new parts of Africa -- How is starting a war this time better than last time, which you came to view as a mistake by 2004, elected a Congress to end in 2006, thought you were voting against again in 2008, and cheered for the eventual ending of in 2011? Observers have called this the most dangerous moment since World War II. Please don't tell me you trust Obama, believed the fraudulent threat to Benghazi and are now unaware of the disaster he created in Libya, where France has just proposed yet another war to fix the damage of the last war. Please don't tell me you believed the disproven claims of evidence that Assad used chemical weapons or Russia shot down an airplane. This is a government that lies about possible grounds for war and possible outcomes of war, just like its predecessors.

5. The enemy of your enemy is your other weapons customer. Public pressure was instrumental last year in halting proposed attacks on Syria, the plans for which involved massive death and destruction. But the White House and CIA went right ahead and armed and trained one side in that war, the ISIS side. ISIS now has weapons provided directly to it and indirectly to it by the United States, including those seized from the Iraqi government. ISIS has troops trained by the United States and "radicalized" (enraged) by the United States in its brutal prisons in Iraq, as well as troops previously in the Iraqi military who were thrown out of work in 2003 by the U.S. occupation.  Last year, the evil to be confronted was Assad, at all costs. To your great credit you didn't fall for it. Why not? Not because Assad doesn't do evil things, but because you understood that more war would make things even worse.  
Now you're being told that Assad's enemies must be attacked at all cost, and you're falling for it, to your great discredit.  With supposed surgical precision the "moderate" beheaders will be spared, in order to blow up only the "extremist" beheaders. Don't believe it.  Six months ago the great Satan was Iran.  Now you're on Iran's side.  Were you aware of that? You're stirring up trouble to the ultimate benefit of only one group: the weapons makers.  You think of the Middle East as a violent place, but 80% of the weapons come from the United States. Imagine how much less violent the Middle East could be if it only had 20% of the weapons.  We're not talking about stockpiles. These weapons get used.

6. There are other options. Try telling a four-year-old he has only two choices: eat the broccoli or eat the lima beans.  He'll throw another 18 alternatives at you in less than a minute, beginning with eating ice cream. Try telling a non-American adult about the current state of disaster in Iraq, and they'll begin by opposing making it worse, and then start discussing a variety of steps to make it better, from humanitarian aid to diplomacy to disarmament to emergency U.N. police forces, etc.  But tell a U.S. adult that Iraq must be bombed or we must do nothing other than sit back and revel in our evil state of ISIS-loving, and your befuddled manipulated subject will shout "Bomb em! Bomb em!" Why?

Last year we were told that we had to bomb Syria or love the poisoning of children with chemical weapons. We did not accept that those were the only two choices. Why not? Because we were thinking straight.  We hadn't been frightened into blind stupidity by high-quality videos of beheadings and threats that we might be next.  Nobody thinks well when they're scared. That's why the government likes to scare you.  That's why your you're hearing all this nonsense about ISIS coming to your neighborhood. The more the U.S. keeps bombing people, the more some of those people will want to fight back. Did you ever wonder why nations that spend 2% what the U.S. does on its military feel so much safer than you do? Part of it is the reality that war generates enemies rather than removing them, but mostly it's a culture of cowardice that we're living in. Here are 15 things we could do about ISIS instead of bombing.

7. We don't have time for this barbaric insanity. War is sucking our resources and energy and attention away from where they are needed, namely on a massive campaign to protect the climate of the earth. Imagine a proposal to dump untold trillions of dollars and every ounce of energy into that project! Would Congress step aside and allow it? It would benefit even your short-term economic interests, but would you permit it? Would you demand it? Would you join with me in insisting that we stop the wars and save the climate?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

US Foreign Policy

“Notice also that the authors make the appallingly ignorant statement that “America is now directly involved.” Naturally, these political observers must have been asleep for the past three years, as the US has been intimately involved in every phase of the destabilization of Syria. As the NYT reported back in June 2012, the CIA has been working extensively with the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood to funnel weapons, communications equipment, and other material support to the extremists in Syria fighting against the government of Assad.

Naturally, those weapons and materiel have been used to create and expand the terror group we now call the IS. And so, in a very direct way, the cancer spreading through Iraq and Syria is a US-NATO-GCC creation. But of course, according to the eminent American analysts at the NY Post and elsewhere, the US has been merely a sideline cheerleader, totally uninvolved in the chaos in the region. Whether these ‘experts’ are willfully ignorant, deliberately deceitful or genuinely stupid is certainly up for debate.” ~ Eric Draitser

Monday, September 15, 2014

Letter to elected officials

Please vote "no" on any new authorization for war in Iraq or Syria.

After 13 years of U.S. war in Iraq, I do not believe that we should try this failed approach again. Bombing will continue the bloodshed and enable violent, anti-government groups like the Islamic State to recruit supporters.

And we need to STOP arming and funding and training killers around the world. The very worst place to do this "training" of so-called anti-ISIS forces is Saudi Arabia. It would be a good idea to call out Saudi Arabia for their funding and support for ISIS, as well as their many human rights abuses.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Upcoming events in the Asheville area this week

The Mountain State Fair in September 2014. 


Sierra Club PAC fundraising event from 5:30 to 7:30 PM at the Grove Arcade, 5th floor, in Asheville.  It will be an opportunity to meet all of our endorsed candidates in Western NC and to help us raise the money we need to help them get elected.  You can make your check payable to "NC Sierra Club PAC" and mail it to: 15 Morning Star Drive, Leicester, NC 28748. 

Jackson County Commissioners Meeting will  discuss consideration of Resolution against fracking.  Location is Justice & Administration Building, 401 Grindstaff Cove Road, Room A201, Sylva, NC. Contact for more information. Time is 6 PM.

Christians for a United Community will commemorate the 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer with a conversation about our history and the current civil rights movement. The event will be held on Tuesday, September 16th, 7 PM, at Kenilworth Presbyterian Church, 123 Kenilworth Road in Asheville. Freedom Summer veterans Carol Hallstrom and Isaac Coleman will lead the discussion.

This will be held at the Reuter Center at UNCA. Time is 7 PM to 9 PM. 

The WNC Alliance for Retired Americans has changed to quarterly meetings.  So the next meeting will be the third Tuesday in September which will be the 16th, at 10 AM in the Kenilworth Presbyterian Church Parlor at 123 Kenilworth Road in Asheville. The ARA is a statewide organization of retired union members and their friends and families. We are non-partisan and open to everyone who is concerned about the need for jobs which pay a living wage, as well as those issues which affect all of us. FMI contact

“Who Killed the Electric Car?” will be shown from 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM at Rhoades/Robinson Hall 125 - SMART Lecture Hall. This is part of  National Drive Electric Week, September 15-21, 2014, which is a nationwide celebration to heighten awareness of today's widespread availability of plug-in vehicles and highlight the benefits of all-electric and plug-in hybrid-electric cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more. FREE and open to the public.

Reviewing Environmental Initiatives at BorgWarner With a manufacturing facility in Arden, BorgWarner is a global product leader in powertrain solutions, focusing on developing leading powertrain technologies that improve fuel economy, emissions and performance. The company has been repeatedly recognized by EPA for both its products and its operations. Come hear Joe Hungerford, Director of CV Product Development, discuss how BorgWarner’s products help increase fuel efficiency and decrease harmful emissions from engines in the light and heavy engine/vehicle markets. Socializing begins at 5:30 PM; Programming at 6 PM. Location is the Green Sage on Broadway in downtown Asheville. 

“Revenge of the Electric Car” will be shown from 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM at Rhoades/Robinson Hall 125 - SMART Lecture Hall. This is part of National Drive Electric Week, September 15-21, 2014, which is a nationwide celebration to heighten awareness of today's widespread availability of plug-in vehicles and highlight the benefits of all-electric and plug-in hybrid-electric cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more. FREE and open to the public. 

Dr. Judson, Associate Professor, Department of History and Africana Studies, will present “The Contagion of Freedom: Anti-Slavery, Women’s Rights and Economic Justice” at 11:25 AM at Lipinsky Hall at UNCA.  This lecture looks at the three case studies to explore the ways that people in the United States caught a vision of freedom that would allow them to participate in a just and safe way in democracy. These different, but connected historical case studies include the struggle for the abolition of slavery and women's rights, the Wilmington massacre where democracy was betrayed, and the fight for economic and gender justice captured by the Shirtwaist Strike of 1909. Free and open to the public.

Lecture Presented By: Dr. Mullen, Professor, Department of Political Science - “Poverty & Plenty” is a lecture that examines the sources, manifestations and challenges resulting from extreme wealth and deprivation in the US. A key question considered is “What does it mean to simultaneously be a democratic republic and home to economic megaforces?’ Time is 11:25 and location is Carmichael Humanities Lecture Hall. Free and open to the public. 

Physicians, health personnel and everyone; all are welcomed at our monthly meetings! The next WNC PSR monthly meeting will be at a private home near the VA Hospital. Brown Bag lunch at noon with meeting from 12 noon to 2 PM. Everyone is welcome. Please go to  for more information, which includes how to get there and other details.

“Where the Green Ants Dream”by Werner Herzog  (West Germany/Australia 1984) will start at 8 PM. A desolate stretch of earth somewhere in the heart of Australia. A group of tribal Aborigines struggles to defend a 40,000 year old sacred site, the place where the Green Ants dream, against the bulldozers of a mining company. it is quickly apparent that tribal laws and customs and beliefs are very different than Western laws — and how the issue will be resolved is sticky indeed.This is at Courtyard Gallery in the Phil Mechanic Building in the River Arts District in Asheville. 
On Friday, September 19th, we are screening the documentary, "Puzzles, When Hate Came to Town” at Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Edwin Place and Charlotte Street in Asheville. The film is at 7 PM. As civil rights for LGBT and other minority groups are won, violent backlashes have been known to increase. Today LGBT people are far more likely than any other minority group in the United States to be victimized by violent hate crimes. PUZZLES tells the story of a hate crime in a gay bar called Puzzles Lounge in New Bedford, MA when a teenager entered and brutally attacked its patrons. As a result two different worlds collide, a homophobic hate crime offender and his victims. Puzzles explores the correlation between American economic desperation and homophobia, intolerance, and, ultimately, violence. Free, donations accepted.

Green Grannies Sing for the Climate at Vance Monument at 5 PM. Google "Singfortheclimate" and come out and sing with us! This happens on the third Saturday of every month. 

Yes, there is a bus going to the People's Climate March from Asheville. (And it is full.) It will leave Saturday, September 20th around 7 AM, get to NYC in early evening, where we'll camp out in a church or school, do the march on Sunday and head home on the bus Sunday evening, arriving Asheville early Monday morning.  

Each year the International Day of Peace is observed around the world on 21 September. The UN General Assembly has declared this as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples.

This is one of the 115+ events nationwide designed to showcase the speed, convenience, clean-air benefits and fuel savings of electric vehicles through ride-and-drives and other great activities. National Drive Electric Week celebration in Asheville will be at Asheville Public Works Parking Lot, 161 South Charlotte Street in Asheville. Time is 1 to 4 PM. Each celebration event will be led by local EV drivers and advocates and will include some combination of EV parades, test rides, press conferences, award ceremonies, informational booths, and more. At some events, people can even learn about options to charge plug-in cars with solar power. 

This will include speeches, tabling, games on the quad, massage and reflexology, garden walk, children’s chorus, children’s activities (1 to 4 PM) open mic, poetry and live music, mandala creation. Free. Many groups involved. Open to the public. Time is 12 Noon until 10 PM. For more information, contact Michelle at

Join local citizens concerned about climate change in a rally supporting the hundreds of North Carolinians who are traveling to NYC this weekend for the People’s Climate March. World leaders will be coming to New York City for a UN summit to discuss climate change. Thousands of people world wide are coming together to show that our communities are resilient, powerful and united in our demand that leaders take bold, political action to address the climate crisis. Organizers are calling the NYC action the largest climate march in history. Here in Western North Carolina, we want to show solidarity with those in our communities who are taking time out of their lives and traveling at their own expense to NYC to demand action now for the good of us all. Bring signs, musical instruments and speak out if you like. Voter Registration will be available. No less than our children’s future is at stake. Time is 1 PM to 3 PM and location is Vance Monument in downtown Asheville. Contact Leah at for more information.

09/21/14 PEACE DAY FILM 
Peacemakers film will be shown at 5:30 PM, but event starts at 5 PM.  Jeremy Gilley and Prem Rawat approach the subject of peace from different perspectives. Jeremy’s efforts are aimed at global ceasefire, an end to violence and awareness of International Peace Day, Prem focuses on the individual’s need for personal peace. The schedules of these two tireless Peacemakers coincided for a few hours in Barcelona last year. The remarkable conversation that ensued was broadcast to 25 million people globally on International Peace Day 2013. Now is your chance to see it for yourself. There will be live music and refreshments. All welcome. Free entry. Donations welcome. Location is HandMade in America at 125 S Lexington Ave Suite 101, Asheville. For more info, contact Craig at (828) 259-3030  or email

The Peace and Justice ministry of the Parish of St. Eugene is sponsoring a Peace Vigil to commemorate World Peace Day. The entire Asheville community is welcome. World Peace Day Prayer Vigil is at 7 PM at St. Eugene Church at 72 Culvern Street in Asheville. Music, Readings and Blessings for peace in our hurting world.

By providing an international platform for government, business and civil society to work together on low carbon solutions, Climate Week NYC will show the world there are clear opportunities and many benefits in joining the global 'clean revolution'.

The Mission of Building Bridges is to enable our community to confront and overcome racism through a continuing process of changing attitudes and hearts through education, conscious-ness raising, nurturing, and ongoing support. Our goal is to be intentional in respecting diversity within our community. For more information, go to this link:!

Time is 6-8 PM and location is Asheville Chamber of Commerce at 36 Montford Avenue in Asheville. Buncombe County Candidates Forum. Join the League and the Chamber of Commerce as we host a forum for Buncombe County candidates. Forum panelists invited include candidates for the following offices: Buncombe County Board Commissioners (Districts 2 and 3), Buncombe County School Board (Enka, Erwin and Reynolds Districts), District Court Judge (District 28), District Attorney and Buncombe County Sheriff. Doors open at 5:30 PM. 

Sarah Judson will address “Black Protest Thought” at 11:25 AM at Humanities Lecture Hall. Judson is an associate professor of history and Africana Studies. Admission is free and open to the public.

This meeting will be at 3:15 PM at Brooks-Howell Home in the video room. 

Organizations working on the front lines of poverty, violence, deportations, mass incarceration, ecological justice, labor and education are coming together to build up our numbers and coordinate our strategies. Action teams will train together to create action plans and community assemblies will converge to discuss the realities we are facing and commit to action. This is at the Enoree River Baptist Association Center at 421 Dallas Rd in Greenville, SC. Time is 9 AM to 6:30 PM. Cost: (Lunch included) is $35 for registration after 09/13/2014 (cheaper before), $15 for students. For more info call 864.735.5520 or email

WNC Health Advocates presents a Rally to Expand Medicaid at 3 PM in Pritchard Park. Learn why access to health care is important and why it saves money, how much money North Carolina is losing because of its refusal to accept Medicaid expansion, and what the price of non-expansion is in human terms. Voter registration will be held, so come on out and bring your friends. Contact Leslie at for more information. 

4th Annual Poverty Forum will be held at Diana Wortham Theatre in downtown Asheville. Don't miss social justice advocate, attorney and author Sister Simone Campbell, SSS when she and NETWORK's other “Nuns on the Bus” roll into Asheville. 5:30 PM for cocktail reception; 7:00 PM for Forum. Tickets: $50/person Cocktail Reception and Forum; $15/person Forum Only. Reception Catered by Chestnut/Corner Kitchen Catering. For more details and to purchase tickets or contact Betsy Fedder at 210-3444.

Time is 7 PM and location is North Asheville Library. Call Ruth at 232-2883 or email for more information.

We will meet the first Tuesday of each month at 7 PM at Malaprops, for a 1 1/2 hour discussion on a book related to a current political topic. The chosen book for October is ‘On Western Terrorism: From Hiroshima to Drone Warfare’ by Noam Chomsky and Andre Vitchek. You may purchase the book at Malaprops (10% off list for all book clubs), or order on line as you wish, or check it out from the public library. Free and open to the public. For more information, contact Bruce at


Lecture by Oralene Simmons, former Rosenwald School student, Great-great-granddaughter of the slave named Joseph Anderson, and the first African American admitted to Mars Hill College, and Susi Anderson, resident of Hawaii and Great-great-granddaughter of the slave-master of Joseph Anderson. Time TBA. This is part of the Rural Heritage Museum exhibition: “Our Story–This Place, The History of African American Education in Madison County, North Carolina: The Mars Hill Anderson Rosenwald School”. Location is Montague Hall on the campus of Mars Hill University. Admission is free, and the exhibit will run until February 2015. For more information please call (828) 689-1400.

David Cobb, leader of Move to Amend Nationally, will speak in Asheville from 7 to 9 PM at Jubilee! at 46 Wall Street in Asheville. He will talk and answer questions about where we are and where we are headed. Doors open at 6:30 PM. Contact Ruth at 828-232-2883 for more information. Free and open to the public.

We will meet the first Tuesday of each month at 7 PM at Malaprops, for a 1 1/2 hour discussion on a book related to a current political topic. The chosen book for November is ‘The Battle for Justice in Palestine’ by Ali Abunimah. You may purchase the book at Malaprops (10% off list for all book clubs), or order on line as you wish, or check it out from the public library. Free and open to the public. For more information, contact Bruce at

Time is 7 PM and location is North Asheville Library. Call Ruth at 232-2883 or email for more information.

Panel Presentation: Personal Recollections of the Rosenwald School. This is part of the exhibition “Our Story–This Place, The History of African American Education in Madison County, North Carolina: The Mars Hill Anderson Rosenwald School” at the Rural Heritage Museum at Mars Hill University that runs until February 2015.This exhibition traces the history of African American education in Western North Carolina, with a particular emphasis on Madison County, from Reconstruction through the period of Civil Rights legislation and the integration in the 1960s. The Mars Hill Anderson Rosenwald School played a large role in African American heritage and history in Madison County and Western North Carolina for a good part of the 20th century. Moderated by Kevin Barnette (Assist. football coach at MHU) to include Anderson Rosenwald school alumni Oralene Simmons, Charity Ray, Dorothy Coone, Omar   Lewis McClain, Fatimah Rashida Shabazz, Gene Jones.Time TBA. Admission is free, and the exhibit will run until February 2015. For more information please call (828) 689-1400.

This will be in the south Buncombe area (Arden) from 10 AM to 2 PM. If you have questions, call GreenWorks at 828-254-1776.

11/21/14 to 11/23/14 SCHOOL OF THE AMERICAS WATCH

Veterans for Peace have a weekly vigil at 5 PM at Pack Square, Vance Monument

Haywood Peace Vigilers have a weekly vigil at 4 PM at Haywood County Courthouse in Waynesville

Asheville Homeless Network meeting at 1 PM at A-Hope on North Ann Street in Asheville.  
Youth Outright Poetry Night at United Church of Christ in Asheville at 5 PM

Women in Black have a weekly vigil at noon at the City Hall in Hendersonville
Women in Black have a monthly vigil at 5 PM at Vance Monument in Asheville (first Friday only)

Transylvanians for Peace and WNC Physicians for Social Responsibility have a weekly vigil at noon in front of the courthouse in Brevard
Third Saturdays – Asheville’s Green Grannies invites the public to “sing for the climate” at Vance Monument at 5 PM.

Youth OUTright meeting from 4 to 6 PM at First Congregational United Church of Christ at 20 Oak Street in Asheville. Ages 14 - 23 only.



Our next session start date:

September 23 through Nov 18, 2014.

Time 7 pm - 9 pm

Location: AB-Tech, Ferguson Auditorium!

Our Mission
The Mission of Building Bridges is to enable our community to confront and overcome racism through a continuing process of changing attitudes and hearts through education, conscious-ness raising, nurturing, and ongoing support. Our goal is to be intentional in respecting diversity within our community.