Sunday, January 29, 2006

Voting to Impeach!

Here in North Carolina, we had our state executive meeting for the Democratic Party today. We started the day with a meeting of the Progressive Caucus. We had presentations and introductions of the people associated with the caucus, other various groups, and the NC Progressive Democrats PAC. We discussed what we have done and accomplished in the last year or so.

From our county, Bryan, Isaac, Harold, Susan, Ellie, Anne, Doug, Betty and Rhett were among the 20 people who were elected to represent the local Democratic party at the state executive committee. All those names are of people who are progressive. A couple of other elected representatives (who were not progressives) also came to our early Progressive Caucus meeting to see what we were about.

The Progressive Caucus and PAC had come up with seven resolutions that they wished to present to the assembly. That meant, first of all, that we had to get the majority to agree to suspend the rules so we could present them and vote on them. Every progressive left that early morning meeting with a handout that had these seven resolutions on them, and about 70 of us went to the floor of the state executive meeting and started handing them out and asking people to vote to suspend the rules so we could present them.

Well, they did agree to vote to suspend the rules, then we voted on all seven resolutions, and they ALL PASSED. We are asking our state legislators to consider all the resolutions in the upcoming short session.

Here they are:
1. Resolution in support of strong state ethics legislation
2. Resolution in favor of a living minimum wage
3. Resolution in support of the "same-day voter registration" in NC
4. Resolution in favor of state funding the state energy office (oil companies are trying to disband this office)
5. Resolution to support clean cars legislation
6. Resolution in support of increased funding for the NC Housing Trust Fund
7. Resolution reaffirming the NC Democratic Party's support for a death penalty moratorium

EVEN BETTER, in my opinion, is the resolution the came from the floor of this meeting, which was only possible due to the suspension of the rules. Someone proposed that we ask our elected Democratic Representatives to Congress to sign on to legislation to IMPEACH Bush, Cheney and Gonzales.


We have come such a long way in one year. Today, I handed out flyers on the Progressive Democrats of America, and everyone was happy to take them. Today, I handed out over 200 stickers from the Progressive Democrats that say "Out of Iraq" and nearly everyone was happy to wear them. This was a group of people who a year ago thought we should stay and "finish the job" in Iraq. This is a group of people who now have a much better understanding of what Bush and Cheney and their group is doing to our country.

We also covered some technical housekeeping details at this meeting, like one always has to do. One disappointment was the failure of the resolution to censure our NC House speaker who is under a cloud of suspicion concerning fraud and lobbying abuse. He is like our own little state version of the DeLay scandal, except this guy is a small potatoes and, unfortunately, a Democrat.

It was a great day, but a long way to go, both in distance and politically.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Resolution Calling for an Orderly Withdrawal from Iraq

I will present this resolution to my local precinct meeting next month. I will be asking people across the state to present this resolution to the Democratic party precinct meetings, and I hope to move our party in this direction. I will also be doing education/outreach this weekend at the NC Democratic Party State Executive Committee.

A resolution calling for an orderly and peaceful withdrawal of US troops from Iraq in 2006.

Whereas the Iraqi people have engaged in the political process by electing leaders and ratifying a constitution,

Whereas the US military presence in Iraq is seen as an occupying force by the majority of Iraqi citizens,

Whereas the US military does not understand the culture, religion, language or social structure of Iraq,

Whereas the presence of US troops in Iraq encourages terrorism against the Iraqi people and encourages a raging insurgency against our troops,

Be it resolved that we call upon our government to start the process of orderly, peaceful withdrawal all US troops and official personnel from Iraq, leaving behind no bases, equipment, arms or structures behind.

And be it further resolved that this process of withdrawal be completed in a peaceful, orderly fashion by the end of the year 2006.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Get up and walk out!

This would be so, so cool if they did it.....

William Rivers Pitt has suggested that the Democratic congress people should walk out of Bush's speech during the SOTU. Unfortunately, my Representative and two Senators are Republicans. So, no point in asking them to do this.

Here is a clip from Pitts:

"Understand this, congressional Democrats, and understand it well: you are not dealing merely with a body of political opponents in the GOP. You are dealing with a group of people that want you exterminated politically. The days of walking the halls of the Rayburn Building, sharing a bourbon with a colleague from the other side of the aisle, and hammering out a compromise are as dead as Julius Caesar. Collegiality is out. Mutual respect is out. They want you gone for good. Erased. Destroyed."

I have to admit there are some Democrats that they would not mind having around, like Lieberman for example. The Democrats that make us ashamed to call ourselves Democrats. The ones who are nearly as immoral and strong war-mongerers as most Republicians. But it is true that the good and decent Democrats they would like to see get out of there. Oh, and don't be fooled by the so-called attacks on some of the Democrats, like Kerry for instance. Kerry and Bush both belonged to Skull and Bones, they really were not that different from one another. And while they attacked Bill Clinton endlessly, now Bush the senior acts like he is Bill Clinton's best friend. They still hate Hillary Clinton, but she is as much of a war-mongerer as they are. She is as much of an unquestioning supporter of Israel as there are (why do we have Israel's interests ahead of America's?). She is as much of a corporation waterboy as any of them. Well, I think it is worse than "waterboy" but I don't generally use language like that!

If you have a Democratic congress person, please call and ask them to walk out of the SOTU. And then hold a press conference where they discuss what Bush said three years ago in the SOTU. And hold him accountable.

Oh, and call the White House and let them know what you think: 202-456-1111

I call nearly every day.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

American Red Cross and training

This past week, our local chapter of the American Red Cross had a training in how to handle a response to a weapons of mass destruction attack or terrorist incident. Considering how the Bush government and the US military are doing everything possible to increase the chance of such an event in the USA, I thought I would go and listen to what they had to say.

The Red Cross is not a first responder. Basically, their job is to provide food, water, shelter, clothing to people who have been affected by a disaster of some type. They also provide for the first responders to a disaster (fire, police, health care workers, officials, public works, etc.).

The FBI defines a WMD as "any weapon that is designed or intended to cause death or serious bodily injury through the release, dissemination, or impact of toxic or poisonous chemicals, or their precursors; any weapon involving a disease organism; any weapon that is designed to release radiation or radioactivity at a level dangerous to human life or any destructive device."

So, those DU bombs we dropped in Iraq are definately WMDs. Iraq didn't have them before the US military got there, but they do now.

Back here in the USA, we have nuclear materials of one sort or another traveling all over our highways and railroads. That is where our biggest danger of radioactivity being released in the USA comes from.... an accident, from silly fools shipping the stuff all over the country. Last year, a truck full of nuclear waste was leaking on I-26 just south of Asheville. Oh, well.

The FBI defines terrorism as "the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a Government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives."

So, the war on Iraq was illegal, and was done to end the government of Saddam and bring the Iraqi people "freedom and democracy." Or, so they say. So, the entire enterprize counts as one giant act of terrorism, since it was never done for defense of the USA. Iraq never was a threat to the USA. Oh, but those new terrorists recruits - they may turn out to be a threat to the USA. Bin Laden says they will attack again, and he has been known to do what he says he will do.

Oh, and by the way, Bin Laden offered a truce in this war on terror.... and the Bush administration turned it down. What kind of idiot would turn down a truce (and negotiation) in a WAR???? Makes you wonder what their real goals are up there in DC.

This Red Cross course talked about prior terrorism attacks and possible types of attacks, and possible focuses of attacks, in the future. They talked about possible health hazards of the various types of attacks. They talked about the various information gathering they would have to do to prepare for a response to a WMD event, and what procedure we/they would follow.

They explained the Basic Incident Command Structure and how that works. They said the lead agency is Homeland Security, which means of course that we are in deep trouble. We all saw how well that worked in the Katrina aftermath. They also said the DOD is a support agency for the FBI and homeland insecurity, and we have seen how well they have functioned in Iraq! Yeap, we are in trouble.

The good news is that a WMD event, or terrorist attack, is unlikely to happen in my little town. However, a truck full of nuclear material crashing into the Pidgeon River gorge could happen!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bombing people in Pakistan

The picture here is from MSNBC, and it comes from an article called "Pakistan Islamic Groups Decry US After Strike".

This "strike" was several bombs at civilian homes. There were reportedly al Qaeda there, but they have been consistently wrong about those claims. Even if it were accurrate, the smart move would be to go in and arrest the al Qaeda terrorists for the possible human intelligence they may provide.

But this government never does anything the intelligent way. And I, for one, am damn tired of the "we'zz bee dumb" excuse. Really, can they be that dumb? I say NO.

The film of people pulling children and women in their nightclothes out of the rubble from this bombing was shown on TV news around the world.... except in the USA. No, the American people never see the results of what their government orders their military to do. It is clear to me that this current government does not care at all about human rights or even allowing foreigners to live. They kill and kill and kill and they don't care who dies or how they feel about it. The picture above gives us an idea how they feel about our government's policies. And the title for the picture indicates that the corporate media thinks these are "Islamics" who are presented as irrational.

If someone bombed homes with innocents sleeping in them in the USA, then we would see irrational.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Women Say NO to war!

The following was taken from the Code Pink site concerning "Women Say No to War" They have a petition to sign there, please go HERE and sign it.

"Women are mobilizing women around the globe to call for an end to the occupation and the violence in Iraq. With the majority of people in Iraq, the U.S., the U.K., and around the world opposing this war, now is the time for women to step forward and make our opposition more visible and vocal. With the launch of Women Say No To War Campaign, we are asking women around the world to sign on to the Women's Call for Peace. We hope to obtain a minimum of 100,000 signatures by International Women's Day on March 8, 2006, when US and Iraqi women will deliver these signatures to leaders in Washington DC and women around the world will deliver them to US embassies.'

On March 8, 2006, I will be going to my local Representative's office and giving them the list of local women who signed the petition. Oh, it's fine for men to sign it also!

Monday, January 09, 2006

US troops build wall around a town

This will really win those 'hearts and minds' (not).

A bulldozer pushes sand to form a wall surrounding the city of Siniyah, Saturday, Jan. 7, 2006, 250 kilometers (155 miles) north of Baghdad, Iraq. Army units operating in the area believe the village had become a staging point for insurgents to attack coalition forces. (AP Photo/Ryan Lenz)

Reuters has this to say:

U.S. soldiers fed up with almost daily bomb attacks on their patrols near Iraq's main oil refinery are taking drastic measures to fight their shadowy enemy -- they're walling in an entire town.
Army bulldozers have begun building giant sand embankments around Siniya, a town of 50,000 close to the northern oil refining city of Baiji. When finished it will be 10 km (6 miles) long and more than 2 metres (nearly 8 feet) high. The U.S. army says it is to keep insurgents out and that it is being built with the agreement of local police, town council members and religious leaders, who complain that Siniya is being used as a safe haven by insurgents.

But some angry residents, including the head of the city council, complain it appears designed to keep residents in. "We oppose the building of this wall because it makes the city looks like a detention centre," said Nima al-Kawaz, the head of the city council.

It looks like an attempt at a giant prison to me too. And you can bet the locals are quite angry, with the recent bombing of the wrong house and all.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

January 9, 2006 call in day

Demand Accountability
Call Congress on January 9, 2006.

Demand that they hold people accountable for the mess they have made in Iraq. Demand that they hold people accountable for having started this war for a pack of lies. Demand that they get honest about this unholy mess they have made and demand that they GET OUT OF IRAQ NOW.

It is certainly true that we owe Iraq quite a bit for having wrecked their country by war, but it is also true that we cannot fix it.

We can only make it worse the longer we stay, and the longer we stay there, the worse the violence will be when we leave.

Call today.... or follow my example and call on most weekdays.

White House 202-456-1111

I have the White House, Senators, and my Representative on speed dial.

Just call

Saturday, January 07, 2006

My letter to Airborne Division public relations

To: Loomis, Edward LTC USA 101st Airborne DivisionSubject: any proof?

Do you have any proof whatsoever that the hole they were digging was for an IED????

Do you know that there are gravel plants nearby for road building????

What if they were just fixing the road????

CNN reports today that you HIT THE WRONG HOUSE ANYWAY.

And that means 14 people are dead, with no arrest, no evidence, no trial, and no jury.

JUST DEATH. And that includes death to the innocent children who were killed.

your story:

TIKRIT, Iraq – Coalition forces reconnaissance aircraft observed three men suspected of emplacing an improvised explosive device digging in a road near Bayji after 9:00 p.m. on Jan.2, prompting a military response against them. An unmanned aerial vehicle from 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division observed the would-be attackers as they dug a hole following the common pattern of road-side bomb emplacement. The individuals were assessed as posing a threat to Iraqi civilians and coalition forces, and the location of the three men was relayed to close air support pilots. The individuals left the road site and were followed from the air to a nearby building. Coalition forces employed precision guided munitions on the structure. Local Iraqi police were the first authorities at the scene to conduct post-event response.

For more information, please contact the 101st AIRBORNE DIVISION Public Affairs Office at EDWARD.LOOMIS@US.ARMY.MIL.

I am so angry about this. I am so sad about this. I wish that you, and the Bush administration, and all the war supporters and everyone involved in the military could fully, truly, madly, deeply, completely KNOW what it feels like to hold your child in your arms with their skulls half gone. I don't wish harm to any child, I just wish YOU WOULD KNOW WHAT THAT WOULD FEEL LIKE. But you never will, will you??


Mr. Loomis responded by asking me if I wrote a certain opinion piece, which shows he can do a google search. I responded to him by noting that he didn't answer my questions, and I have heard nothing since. I invite you to email Mr. Loomis and tell him that Susan sent you.

I will update if I hear anything.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Postcard to elected officials

This is what my postcard to my Representative and two Senators (all Republican war-supporters, by the way) said:

FROM CNN: "US Says Bomb Hit Wrong House in Iraq. Strike aimed at insurgents killed 6 family members

Washington (CNN) - A bomb that killed six civilians Monday near Baiji, Iraq, missed its target by 65 feet (20 meters) and hit the wrong house, military officials said. The bomb, which was dropped by a US fighter plane, was aimed at a building that three men entered after planting a roadside bomb as an unmanned surveillance plane watched from overhead, the officials said. A US Navy F-14 Tomcat fighter jet strafed the building before the bomb was dropped, according to a US military statement released after the nighttime attack."

It was not 6 people who were killed, it was 14. CNN cannot get it right either.

Furthermore, we have no evidence at all that the men were really planting a roadside bomb. That is what someone watching the drone video THINKS they saw. They have no evidence and no proof. And no trial and no jury. Just DEATH. And in this case, there was death handed out to the definately innocent.

I do wish that the people who started this war could truly, madly, deeply, completely, totally understand what it feels like to hold your own child in your arms with half their skull blown off. Maybe that understanding will come to them when they face God and stay with them for all of eternity.

I posted this article on Today in Iraq blog.

I am so sad. I am so angry.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

For what?? Why did they do it??

Today, we are hearing about the Abramoff scandal, but I don't want to talk about that. It strikes me as small potatoes here in the USA.

We have a president who is a liar and a murderer. We have a congress that is also full of liars and murderers.


Why are they so evil???

What do they get out of it?

How can they be so casual about all this death and all this evil??

Nearly every last damn one of them belongs in prison with Abramoff.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Picture of some of the deceased from US bombing

An Iraqi man weeps next to the bodies of victims of an alleged U.S. airstrike in Beiji, 250 kilometers (155 miles) north of Baghdad, Iraq, Tuesday Jan. 3, 2006. Iraqi police said U.S. aircraft bombed a house Monday night and that seven people were killed and four injured. The U.S. military had no immediate comment on the alleged airstrike or deaths, but the U.S. Central Command said in a press release that Navy F-14s in the vicinity of Beiji strafed a target and dropped a precision-guided bomb 'against insurgents placing an improvised explosive device.' (AP Photo/Bassim Daham)

Picture of aftermath of US bombing in Beiji

Iraqis search for the bodies of victims of an alleged U.S. airstrike in Beiji, 250 kilometers (155 miles) north of Baghdad, Iraq, Tuesday Jan. 3, 2005. Iraqi police said U.S. aircraft bombed a house Monday night and that seven people were killed and four injured. The U.S. military had no immediate comment on the alleged airstrike or deaths, but the U.S. Central Command said in a press release that Navy F-14s in the vicinity of Beiji strafed a target and dropped a precision-guided bomb 'against insurgents placing an improvised explosive device.' (AP Photo/Bassim Daham)

US air strikes in Iraq

US airstrikes in Iraq kill 14 members of a family, including several children. This story only report seven were killed, but later reports say 14 people were killed. This happened in Baiji. This happened because some drone supposedly saw some men digging a hole beside the road to supposedly plant a bomb, and then the three men were seen going into a home. So, no need for arrest, or trial, or evidence.... just a guilty sentence, and immediate execution that also includes any nearby family members and whoever is unlucky enough to be around.

I never, ever thought I would live to see my country act in such an evil manner. This is flat-out murder, and every war supporter, and every war cheerleader, and every one who helped start this war, along with the military guys behind this is (in my eyes) a MURDERER.

Another Reuters report today says that 5,736 civilians have died in Iraq from violence this past year. This is bunk, because the Baghdad morgue alone has over 1,000+ bodies per month who have died from violence (sometimes this is just body parts, and about 1/4 of them are unidentified). That is Baghdad alone and I am sure not all of the deceased even make it to the morgue in Baghdad. Surely, out in the countryside they don't all make it to an official morgue.

Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney have MURDERED a lot of innocent people.

It sickens me.

Eid al - Fitr rememberance

Today In Iraq there is a holiday that celebrates the end of the holy fasting month of Ramadan, and the start of the Eid al-Fitr. This is a big holiday in Iraq, probably as big as the Christmas season is in the western world. Today In Iraq, there are hundreds of families trying to celebrate Eid after having buried a loved one, killed by violence, in just the last few days. Today In Iraq, there are thousands of families who are trying to celebrate Eid without a family member, killed by violence, who was with them last Eid. Today In Iraq, there are tens of thousands of families, or maybe hundreds of thousands of families, who are trying to celebrate Eid without loved ones who were with them just a few short years ago. They too have been killed in the violence unleashed by this war. I would like to wish them all solace in their grief, peace in the upcoming year, and a happy and prosperous future. I want them to know that we are paying attention, as we work to record on this blog what has happened Today In Iraq, as we all hope and pray that peace will return to Iraq in time for the next Eid.

The above piece was written by me and published on Today in Iraq blog on November 4, 2005.

US bombs innocents

"These people died silently, complaining to God of a guilt they did not commit," Zahid Mohammed Rawi, a physician, said in the town of Husaybah. Rawi said that after roughly one week into Operation Steel Curtain, which began on Nov. 5, medical workers had recorded 97 civilians killed. At least 38 insurgents were also killed in the offensive's early days, Rawi said.

The above quote came from a Washington Post article called "US Airstrikes Take Toll on Civilians" which was published on December 24, 2005.

This article documents the ongoing murderous assault against the Iraqi civilians. It tells of hundreds killed in these bombings, and hints at the terror these people must have felt when the bombs were dropping.

I am so disgusted with the US authorities of kidnapping, torture, rape and murder of innocents and not-so-innocents. It is sickening. And dropping bombs on people is simply MURDER.