Sunday, February 12, 2006

Wiretaps and spying

I, like most Americans, feel the US government should listen to my calls and read my email and my mail just as much as they feel like. I just don't care, because, you see, I have nothing to hide. I'm not connected to anyone who engages in criminal behavior, and I certainly am not doing criminal things myself. As a matter of fact, I hope they read every last word I write. Maybe they will learn something.

But, unlike most Americans, I object to doing wiretapping or surveillance of any American without a warrant. This is a violation of our laws, for starters. Secondly, without judicial oversight, the presidential administration could use wiretapping and surveillance of people to maintain their hold on power. They could spy on their political opponents and thereby run an unfair campaign. They could collect "dirt" on people and then hold on to this to blackmail them or control them. And that is why the courts need to issue a wiretap permit for each and every wiretap the Bush administration (or any administration) wants to do....... to stop them from blackmailing their political opponents, and to stop them from running political campaigns unfairly. There are probably a host of other good reasons why warrantless wiretapping is a really bad idea. And actually, I think the people most likely to be hurt will be Republicans.

So, all you Republicans better keep your noses clean and don't go and get a blow job from someone who you are not married to, or something, cause they can use it against you.

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