Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Another response to another blog

First off, Bush will make a "show" of drawing down troops, but there will be no complete withdrawal of US forces while he is around. Not going to happen. Those bases are expected to be "permanent" and to insure the oil companies and others make a ton of money there in Iraq. That was the point of the whole war, and they do not intend to abondon that.

That does not mean you should not make them as miserable as possible right here in the USA. It is your moral duty. Call them everyday and tell them what poor excuses for human beings they are. By "them" I mean the White House, Representatives, Senators. Go visit them and tell them. Write them. Do this as often as you possibly can. Do it daily.

And, what the French did in Algeria is exactly what will happen in Iraq, and the sooner we get out of there, the better. Saying we should stay is like a violent drunk claiming he has to stay with his family to provide for them. No, he has to GET OUT and SEND SUPPORT CHECKS. This is what needs to happen in Iraq.

And, just like we can expect to see US troops come home and do violent crimes from PTSD, we can expect that from Iraqi citizens too - except that they have even more PTSD than the US troops, since they have lost their homes, jobs, business, neighborhoods and country, and don't have hardly any access to health care. Those factors are not true for US troops.

I support allowing any Iraqi who wants to come to the USA to come.... but I'm sure that among that large crowd will be terrorists who want revenge.

It would be well for you to keep in mind that there are "loyal-to-America" Iraqis RIGHT NOW working with US troops and US occupation authorities in Iraq who are INFILTRATORS. This is how guerilla wars go. They may want to come over here also. How can we tell them apart? How can we know what PTSD will do to Iraqi citizens who immigrate over here? We can't.

I am willing to pay the price, are you?

I am also sure that getting Iraqis over here is in the hands of the Bush administration. And we are having great difficulty getting them to do anything decent, or even show signs of intelligent behavior.

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