Saturday, July 22, 2006

PHOTO: Mariam Ismail Al Abdullah, 50, wails in anger and sadness over the death of 12 close family members who were killed by Israeli rockets as they attempted to flee the village of Marwahin in Southern Lebanon less than a week ago. Their bodies lay alongside more than 70 other war casualties outside the Public Hospital of the El Buss Palestinian Refugee camp in the city of Tyre, Lebanon.
(Robert Gauthier / LAT)
Jul 21, 2006

There is a story about this hospital and the mass grave they are making there, and I will post the link sometime next week. Many of the coffins are very short indeed.

Meanwhile, the US is reportedly sending more bombs and fuel to Israel to continue this huge crime, and thereby making the US a legitimate military target for Hezbollah. So, those US Marines loading up US citizens for evacuation had better watch out, I guess, since they could be a target..... from Hezbollah or Israel. Now, wouldn't it be ironic if US taxpayers who were on holiday in Lebanon get killed by bombs paid for and produced by the USA and dropped by Israel....... ironic indeed.

This war going on is a huge war crime.

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"This war going on is a huge war crime."