Friday, November 06, 2009

In many respects, I am a conservative

+conservative about the environment (keep it whole and healthy)

+conservative about money and budgets (don't spend what you don't have)

+conservative about foreign policy - we should tread very careful on other people's land, never ever start up a war and stop handing so damn much money to other countries to buy weapons. We also need to stop arming, funding and training foreigners who are up to no good - but then, we would have to stop our foreign policy of furthering the interests of multi-national corporations.

+conservative about energy - don't waste it and always keep in mind that it is going to run out one day

+conservative about what the government should be involved with -- and they have NO damn business in what consenting adults do in their homes or their doctor's offices!

+conservative in making changes - it often seems that some folks want change just for change's sake

But then it comes to taking care of one another and providing for the common good, and I am a died-in-wool socialist.

The funny part is this - I have been self-sufficient since I was 17 years old, never took a nickle from anyone to go to college or buy what I needed (except for home mortgage, which was paid off in 8 years)...... and I expect I will be self-sufficient until the day I die.

But I still feel that we should help one another out when that is needed. And we should never start up a war or do immoral and illegal actions under the US government banner.

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