Monday, December 21, 2009

Snowy weekend in Asheville

It started snowing on Friday, late morning. Came down fast, and we had 12 inches on the ground by nightfall (maybe more). On Saturday, it snowed a bit more. Streets were in terrible shape. I just stayed home. On Sunday, Meeting for worship was canceled, except for those who were walking..... the parking lot was full of snow. Sunday afternoon had better streets, but nothing was opened that I wanted to go to, and events had been canceled. Today, I finally went out. Streets are fine, but the drivers are nutso. Even worse, the pedestrians are acting like idiots! They are walking in the middle of the streets because the sidewalks or shoulders are snow covered. Looked like a good way to get hurt.

We had a total of 12 to 16 inches, and today it started to really melt. Tomorrow, I am back to work. Sure am grateful that I did not lose power. Below are some photos I took.

And today, I got a present from my brother Bill - it is a 7" TV that picks up digital signals out of the air - no cable connection needed! It also plugs up in the car, so I can take it camping. It is the coolest little thing, and I get five channels, including three UNC channels (PBS). It is the coolest present I have gotten in a while! Thanks, Bill!

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