Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Our Ordinary Hell in Iraq and Afghanistan, read by Josh Stieber

This is what Josh read:

Our ordinary hell

Dear America and the world,
If these 92210 war records had occurred in the States and even just one American civilian killed, there would have been ample, loud threats for justice and retaliation. But no, these happened in Afghanistan and ordinary war-tired Afghans know that the expected global response is ‘Who cares?’

Most people on the ground in Afghanistan would recognize how unsustainable, factional, corrupt and violent this Great Game has become. 

But none would say it.

Not the President of USA. Not the President of Afghanistan. Not the leaders of the 43 plus coalition countries. Not the UN Special Envoy to Afghanistan. And not the Taliban.

But the 92210 entries say it all.

And they can no longer be refuted by history or the future. Any record of actual events can only benefit those struggling for truth.

Admiral Mullen and Mr Robert Gates went on to suggest that Assange may have blood on his hands. Afghans are not fooled. We have eyes and we have seen much blood. Whoever’s hands have blood, we have an Afghan saying that ‘Blood cannot wash away blood.’

We ask fellow human beings to stop this childish blood-throwing and inhumane blood-shedding, whoever they may be. To shock your cynical ears, we, the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers, would like to suggest
that love is how the world should ask for peace.

We plead with the leaders of our broken world to sit down like real visionary men and women, to reconcile deeply, to listen deeply, to think deeply and to build deep relations of peace.

We urge our world to return to this love, for at worst, that can only bring everyone some dignity and meaning.

Otherwise, these long wars will continue into our Afghan horizon, and remain your special interest and our ordinary hell.

Sincerely, be at peace and God protect you!
The Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers

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