Sunday, January 16, 2011

The DoD grossly insults Martin Luther King, Jr.

There is an article posted on the US Dept of Defense's website about how Martin Luther King Jr would support our current wars and bombings in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia (and probably other places we do not know about).  It says:

King might understand today's wars, Pentagon lawyer says

This is obscenely stupid.

And at the bottom of the article, it says "There are no comments."  This is a lie - I made a comment to them and they have not yet posted it.  They did send an email to verify the comment, though.
But here is my comment to this odious article:
It is totally ridiculous to think that Martin Luther King Jr. would approve of the insane wars being run today by the US military.

Furthermore, the idea that the wars (and bombings) that the US military is doing is keeping Americans SAFE is just nonsense.  All it is doing is making more enemies for the US military to fight.

This is a load of bullshit.
I predict that they are too chicken-shit to publish it.  Yeap, that's our military - lies about what dead people have said, justifies all their violence, and at the same time, will not allow freedom of speech on their website or engage in discussion with the American citizens who are paying their bills. Or, in other words, evil to the core.
[Oh, by the way, there is no freedom of speech on this blog either, except for me.  If I think a comment is stupid or hateful, I will remove the comment.  But no one is paying me to do this blog, least of all US taxpayers.  Everyone is welcome to set up their own blogs and have their own free speech zone if they want.]

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