Saturday, April 23, 2011

The US occupation of Afghanistan

They were attacked by young Alikozai fighters who had been egged on and paid off by Taliban commanders. So the Marines fought back. In October and November, the reconnaissance battalion killed about 200 Alikozai militants in the valley. The 3rd Battalion of the 5th Marine Regiment, the unit in Sangin that suffered devastating casualties, killed several hundred more insurgents to the south over the same period, many of them Alikozai as well.

“We started stacking bodies like cordwood,” said an officer in Sangin, who like other Marines asked for anonymity to speak frankly. “And they came to a point where they said, ‘Holy [expletive], there aren’t that many of us left.’ ”

On New Year’s Day, Alikozai elders agreed to a security pact with the governor of Helmand province that calls for the tribe to forsake the Taliban and rein in its young men from joining the insurgency. In exchange, the Afghan, U.S. and British governments will fund development projects in the 15-mile-long Alikozai area and the Marines will consider releasing some Alikozai detainees.

Afghan officials and U.S. diplomats hailed the deal as a sign of how the promise of reconstruction aid can lead to reintegration, but Marine officers have a different view of why the Alikozai came to the table.

“You can’t just convince them through projects and goodwill,” another Marine officer said. “You have to show up at their door with two companies of Marines and start killing people. That’s how you start convincing them.”

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Convince them of what?  That the US military is totally evil?  That siding with the US military and the corrupt Karzai government will lead to a better future?  The Taliban LIVE in Afghanistan, they are AFGHAN PEOPLE.  Is the US military planning on killing them all?  That would certainly border on genocide, which is, of course, why the US military was founded - to commit genocide on the native people of this continent.  Even with that, there will still be Taliban there in Afghanistan and in Pakistan.  The people of Afghanistan did not attack us, and neither did their government.  The Al Qaeda criminals are the ones who attacked us, and they are long gone from Afghanistan.  Exactly who does the US military think they are fighting, and WHY are they fighting with them?  It is insane, deadly, immoral, and a huge waste of time and money.

And, as to the villages that were rebuilt after the US military flattened them - if they used weapons with DU, then not only is the US military been poisoned, but so will the local population be poisoned when they return.  This will result in massive increases in birth defects and cancers, just like in Fallujah.

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