Saturday, June 18, 2011


I wrote this piece for the local paper as an op-ed.  They did not publish it.


A conservative is one who conserves all resources, is adverse to change without careful consideration and thought, does not spend money they don’t have, believes in the rule of law, wants to reduce government interference and regulation when possible, and certainly would not engage in radical behaviors with unforeseen consequences.  What is called “conservative” in the US today is far, far, far from these principles. 

Starting up a war and occupation where none existed is the most radical form of behavior one can engage in, and yet our past Republican president did just that – twice.  Our current president is involved in bombing three more countries beyond Iraq and Afghanistan, so he does not qualify as a conservative either.  The final consequences of these actions are still unforeseen, but the consequences for the people who live in those countries are horrific indeed.  They have found the freedom of the grave and the democracy of death, thanks to US bullets, bombs and interference.  And we left behind a toxic legacy that will kill their children far into the future.

And there is the issue of conserving economic resources – Mr. Bush doubled our deficit, and Mr. Obama is also making it worse.   And they both have given significant tax breaks to the rich folks and the mega-corporations, which might be okay if we were not in a financial crisis right now.  But we are in a crisis, thanks to the many liars’ loans for mortgages and CDS and CDOs that came about in the last decade after the Glass-Steagall act was overturned.  Now there is an example of what a real lack of government regulation can achieve – financial meltdown.  And then in 2008, the taxpayers bailed the financial institutions out – which is a fine example of socialism for the rich. 

Along with a lack of conservation of our economic resources, I see no sign of conservation of our military resources, conservation of our environment, or conservation of our infrastructure.  Senator Burr wants to do away with the EPA!   Now, I have some issues with government regulations.  If they are stupid or not enforced, then they are more harmful than helpful.  But throwing ALL government regulation of the environment out the window will surely NOT lead to conservation of our environment in any shape or form.  Can we have major oil spills, nuclear radiation in our rain?  Why, yes, yes, we can. 

And the lack of regulation seen in our financial markets should give most reasonable people pause for concern. Of course, if true conservatives were running the country, the rule of law would be enforced and those responsible for the financial crisis of 2008 under the Bush presidency would be facing trails or in jail right now.  Instead, no one has been charged.  What are those so-called conservatives waiting for?  Don’t they believe in rule of law for the rich?  They sure do like to lock up the poor, often for very stupid things.  And if the so-called conservatives won’t do this, then the liberals had better wake up and get busy.

And on the local level, NC Rep. Moffett wants to add on two more people as County Commissioners.  Sure glad we are not in a budget crisis, so we can afford this… oh wait, we CANNOT afford this.  We need to spend less money on government officials, not more!  He also wants to hand over our water system, and again without any input or discussion from local folks.  Making changes like this show a radical, not a conservative agenda. 

In various state houses across our nation, the Republicans are changing laws about how we vote, thereby spending money to fix a problem that only exists in their minds.  The solution will also increase government interference in our lives and cost the taxpayers more money.  How is that conserving our financial resources? 

And while lack of rules and regulations are quite evident in the financial sector of our country, the illegal spying on ordinary Americans continues, thereby violating our Bill of Rights!  It started under Mr. Bush and is growing under Mr. Obama.  Sure hope they are reading every word I write, even as they are throwing our Bill of Rights in the trash.  Yippee, another radical change!  No more silly Constitution to worry about! 

So, to my fellow citizens, if you voted for Rep. Moffitt, you voted for more taxes, more government interference in your voting, and radical changes to many local government structures without any due deliberation.  And you are not a conservative, you are a radical.  I only hope your radical changes work out well, since it appears we won’t even know about them until the very last minute. 

So far, I would say that wars and bombings without end, deficits without end, massive exploitation of our environment, and a lack of diligence in applying the rules of law to rich folks is not working out so well.

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