Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Security theater in Chicago

 This was the sign at the Dunes Park station.  At first, the restrictions were due to start on May 19, but they covered up the "19" and put in "20".

 On May 20, we had to switch trains at Hegewisch, IL.  The line of cops down there are searching all the bags and purses (only allowed one) and the line on the right is the line of passengers.

 Close to the spot of the rally on May 20th, these garbage trucks were sitting.  One was turned sideways to block the street.  Clearly a back up crew to block the streets.

Arrest vehicles after the march.  I don't think they were used much at that point in time.

 Chicago Police walk in single file alongside the march on both sides.  They did this around the black bloc (some pictures on them later this week).  I kept being caught between the police and the black bloc, so I dropped out of the march.

Along the march route, a bunch of cops with motorcycles.  I did not see any sign of police behaving badly, although a few of them gave me horrible looks later in the day (I was easy to identify as part of the rally, I was carrying signs and had stickers on).  Most of the police were nice and friendly, though.  I saw LOTS AND LOTS OF SECURITY THEATER AND LITTLE REAL SECURITY.

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Mary said...

Garbage truck blockade? Now that is theatrical.l