Tuesday, May 20, 2014

We need to stop corporate welfare.

Picture above came from Facebook. I too am very sick of all the massive corporate welfare we hand out, even locally. And I am beyond disgusted with the criminalizing of the poor. The poor are no more criminal than the rest of us, the difference being that the few poor people who are criminals get away with a WHOLE LOT LESS LOOT than the criminals who are wearing suits. It is so miniscule (the amount of theft) that the poor get away with that it is NOT worth paying attention to.  But, of course, the point is not to stop some minor and inconsequential theft, the point is to make the poor miserable and to fill the jails. The point is to lord it over them and make them feel like shit because they are in need of help.

No one treats the corporate criminals or corporate welfare kings that way.

Locally, the sheriff and DA and someone from DHHS is going after "welfare cheats". They don't mean the business and corporations that rob the taxpayers, and they have shown no interest in protecting the local population from poison dumped by corporations and local businesses (like the CTS site or the fuel spill in Hominy Creek) that actually, really, truly harm people.

NO, that is not their agenda. They want people to rat out other (poor) people so they can send the police to harass and intimidate and potentially harm them. And then throw them in jail or on the street and pat themselves on the back for being in favor of "stopping crime". 

One thing I know for sure - what Sheriff Duncan and DA Moore and the local DHHS person is promoting is as far from being Christian as one can possible get. Instead of helping "the least of these" they are trying their best to make life miserable for those who are poor. THEY SICKEN ME. THEY HAVE NO SOULS, NO EMPATHY AND NO MORALS.

Yes, I am tired of paying for corporate welfare cheats and the massive amounts of money they suck up. I am tired of paying for cleaning up their messes of the corporate welfare cheats. I am tired of subsidizing their profits by making their employees eligible for food stamps and daycare vouchers. I am tired, tired, tired, of hearing that we have to hand over our tax dollars to corporate welfare kings in order "to create jobs". It is a lie no matter how often it is repeated. And I am tired, very tired, very very tired, of people on the public payroll who main goals and agendas seems to be to treat people (who happen to be poor) like shit. I am tired of seeing and hearing about them kicking/mistreating the people among us who are facing massive problems, including mental health problems. Yes, I mean Duncan and Moore and anyone at DHHS who helps them with this agenda. It disgusts me. Here are photos of the postcards (that I found at my local library) that inspired this rant: