Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Some questions.......

Considering that the NSA and CIA and FBI are spying on everything and everyone around the world, why didn’t they see the takeover by ISIS in Iraq ahead of them?  For pete’s sake, that group of bloody rebels are on twitter! For the last 14 years, those agencies have never been able to figure out ahead of time what was going to happen…. with the exception of the FBI who have been able to predict the terror attacks that they have set up. They totally miss on the ones done by real terrorists instead of idiots who they entrap, however.

Can anyone tell me why the Taliban had opium production way down in 2001 (they banned growing poppies) and now, nearly 13 years of occupation by the US forces and NATO, the production of opium is now WAY UP? I don’t know the production for 2014, but 2013 was a banner year. See chart below.

Can anyone tell me why big banks can launder billions of dollars in drug money and get away with it, but we send teens with joints or old women who won’t rat out their grandkids’ pot usage to jail for years and years?

And why can’t the world’s biggest military (by far!) and most expensive military (by far!) not able to win any wars other than wars against unarmed countries (like Grenada). Iraq and Afghanistan did not even have an air force! Yet nearly every conflict since WW2 has ended in stalemate (Korea) or total disaster for native populations (Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, countless other places!).

And why are we spreading weapons all around the world, anyway?  The ISIS rebels had a parade this month showing off US military hardware, like humvees, and US weapons. I suppose it makes things like our wars more ‘sporting’ when our enemies have really good US equipment, but our military is so good at losing wars (since the start of the Vietnam war) that helping out the ones they are/will be fighting does not seem like a sound idea to me.

Are we, like, insane? Or just vastly, vastly stupid?

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