Wednesday, July 16, 2014

No to War in Gaza and Afghanistan!

Share food, resist war.
We’re not only disgusted
by man-made bombs,
we’re angry at the governments
that drop them.
We’re terrified
not of their physical destructiveness,
but of their depravity,
and acceptability.
We’ve lost our children
& loved ones
to ruthlessness.
Amidst the explosions
of our souls,
our mothers still
keep the wits around
our crying homes,
just so to feed us
after the fast.
That’s it!
That’s our resistance to their
profiteering wars,
that while they kill,
they can never stop us
from sharing our food.
They are the ones
already dead,
the emperors
with no clothes,
only futile weapons
that adorn
their ceremonial crowns,
oblivious to the awakening giant
of love.
They are blind to the better world
in which their Power
and ‘haram’ money
are being frowned upon
in the streets,
and in our bread.

The above came from peace activists in Afghanistan. They call themselves “Our Journey to Smile”.  The photo came from Cindy Sheehan's email. 

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