Wednesday, September 17, 2014

US Foreign Policy

“Notice also that the authors make the appallingly ignorant statement that “America is now directly involved.” Naturally, these political observers must have been asleep for the past three years, as the US has been intimately involved in every phase of the destabilization of Syria. As the NYT reported back in June 2012, the CIA has been working extensively with the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood to funnel weapons, communications equipment, and other material support to the extremists in Syria fighting against the government of Assad.

Naturally, those weapons and materiel have been used to create and expand the terror group we now call the IS. And so, in a very direct way, the cancer spreading through Iraq and Syria is a US-NATO-GCC creation. But of course, according to the eminent American analysts at the NY Post and elsewhere, the US has been merely a sideline cheerleader, totally uninvolved in the chaos in the region. Whether these ‘experts’ are willfully ignorant, deliberately deceitful or genuinely stupid is certainly up for debate.” ~ Eric Draitser

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