Wednesday, January 13, 2016


PHOTO by Angela Jimenez for Minnesota Public Radio

When unarmed #blacklivesmatter protesters showed up to peacefully protest at Mall Of America, this is a fraction of the police that showed up, dressed in militarized gear. They secured the fuck out of that escalator. Remember this image as you watch this Oregon protest go down. Those are armed white men who stated clearly that they would use violence. Not unarmed peaceful protesters. So where are the police? Where are the talking heads on the news calling them terrorists. It seems that when armed white men make a stand, police remember their training and focus on deescalation out o respect for life. This land they trying to claim was stolen from Native Americans. This ain't even a real cause. It's not about guns or states rights or cattle. It's about white men realizing their era of privilege is ending. And the government is giving them a pass just like they daddy got a pass after pointing guns at police two years ago. Do they have a right to protest? Sure. But so do unarmed black people. See the hypocrisy. - Talib Kweli, on facebook

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