Friday, April 08, 2016

Peace Conversion or World War

Peace Conversion or World War
--Commentary by John Lewallen

Warfare is obsolete, and is destroying the human environment, slaughtering innocent people, exhausting the world economy, and generating tens of millions of desperate refugees.

At the same time, I believe a worldwide movement for peace conversion on all levels is strong and growing. Now anyone with social media can be very politically active and effective. We need to take this peace conversion movement to the level of international relations, and put an end to self-destructive warfare.

I’m asking all people and groups to join me in calling for a United Nations Peace Conversion Conference, to make practical plans to move away from warfare and military confrontation in international affairs, and phase out military industries, with an orderly transition to peaceful production to meet basic human needs worldwide.

We taxpayers support a military-industrial complex which generates endless warfare, and has set up a complex and edgy thermonuclear weapons confrontation involving nine nuclear-armed nations. To me, industrial militarism seems to be almost like a living creature which feeds on fear and terror.

Many nations today would join the call for a United Nations Peace Conversion Conference. We can each be the center of a Worldwide Peace Conversion Network, living peace conversion with each other as we do this vital work.

--John Lewallen is a peace activist and seaweed harvester, author of the newly-published book, Land of Frozen Laughter.

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