Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Poem by Ken Jones

From Ken Jones, local activist: “I wrote this poem about being arrested recently at the state capitol for sitting in against Hate Bill 2. I read it today at a press conference with the Rev. William Barber and the Moral Monday movement in Raleigh.” - this was a couple of weeks ago. 

Why I sat in

I sat because I stand up -
for brothers and sisters unknown,
all of us god’s children.

I sat because I could -
represent so many who feel as I do
but whose busy lives tie them down.

I sat because I must -
respond to my heart’s calling 
to act in the name of the threatened and hurt.

I sat because I oppose -
the sneaky power grab
in this sucker punch law.

I sat because I see -
the sly use of fear and hatred
to divide us one from the other.

I sat because I believe -
people can be moved by witness
to our common humanity.

I sat because I am unafraid -
to occupy the offices of those
who trespass on our human rights.

I sat because I call -
for all to see what they have done
and to cry out, “no mas, no more.”

I sat because I cannot be idle
when hate comes raining down.
I am moved, by love.