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Upcoming events for the week of June 12, 2016


A coalition of organizations led by the Jackson County Branch of the NAACP are coordinating a Moral Monday gathering to be held at Bridge Park in downtown Sylva on Monday, June 13, starting at 5 PM, rain or shine. Program starts at 5:30 PM. Reverend Dr. William Barber II will speak. To date, coalition partners include the Asheville, Hendersonville, Transylvania and Haywood County Branches and Working Groups of the NAACP, Liberty Baptist Church of Sylva, St. John’s Episcopal Church of Sylva, First Baptist Church of Sylva, Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church of Sylva, Democracy NC, The Canary Coalition, WNC Physicians for Social Responsibility, Occupy WNC, Equality NC, WNC Jews for Justice, Jackson County Veterans Support Group, Mountain People’s Assembly and Mountain Voices Alliance. A number of organizations who are coalition partners will be setting up information tables and booths at Bridge Park. The Jackson County Branch of the NAACP will be providing voter registration forms and guidance in filling them out. Membership forms will also be available for those who may wish to join the NAACP. For more information about the event please contact Avram Friedman, 1st Vice-President of the Jackson County Branch of the NAACP, 828-631-3447.

The TA monthly social for June will be the showing of the Four Horsemen documentary. Four Horsemen is a 2012 British documentary film directed by Ross Ashcroft. The film criticizes the system of fractional reserve banking, debt-based economy and political lobbying by banks, which it regards as serious threats to Western civilization. Noam Chomsky, Joseph Stiglitz and 21 other leading thinkers discuss how the world works and talk about solutions to the failed systems that relegate billions to poverty and insecurity. Time is 6:30 to 8 PM and location is St. Mary’s Church on Charlotte Street in Asheville. Contact for more information. 

Occupy WNC: Corporations Ain't People! Working Group. Open General Assembly-every 2nd & 4th Tuesdays from 7 - 8:30 PM at The Sneak E Squirrel's Community Room at 1315 W Main Street in Sylva, NC. More information at (828) 351.1524.

Join us for a special screening of the documentary “Gerry-Rigged” about gerrymandering in NC, covering the problem and the solution. Join Common Cause NC for a screening of “Gerry-Rigged” a documentary looking at gerrymandering in North Carolina, followed by a campaign update, discussion and Q&A with knowledgeable citizens. United to Restore Democracy in cooperation with Common Cause NC wants you to know about this program. Time is 6 to 8 PM and location is Peterson Conference Center, first floor of Blackwell Hall at Mars Hill University. This is free and open to the public. For more information call 919-836-0027 or email

Showing up for Racial Justice (SURJ) is a national network of groups educating and organizing white people to act as part of a multi-racial majority for racial justice. Asheville SURJ hosts a weekly discussion group on risk-taking, accountability, mutual interest and how to call more white people into racial justice work. Anyone with a passion for working with white people on racial justice is welcome. Time is 10 AM and location is Firestorm Cafe & Books at 610 Haywood Road in west Asheville. Contact Firestorm at for more information.

On the second Tuesday of each month, Western North Carolina Veterans for Peace meets to coordinate group activities and programs.Veterans For Peace is a global organization of Military Veterans and allies whose collective efforts are to build a culture of peace by using our experiences and lifting our voices. We inform the public of the true causes of war and the enormous costs of wars, with an obligation to heal the wounds of wars. Our network is comprised of over 140 chapters worldwide whose work includes: educating the public, advocating for a dismantling of the war economy, providing services that assist veterans and victims of war, and most significantly, working to end all wars. Time is 6:30 PM and location is Firestorm Cafe & Books at 610 Haywood Road in west Asheville. Contact Firestorm at for more information.

Asheville Green Drinks is a networking party and part of the self-organizing global grassroots movement to connect communities with environmental ideas, media and action. People who are interested in environmental issues and topics meet up for a drink and occasionally listen to an expert in environment, ecology, and social justice. Location has been changing a lot lately, so call and ask where they are meeting. Time is 5:30 to 7:30 PM. Call 855-232-4723 for more information.

This series focuses on the role racism plays in gentrification and displacement. We will explore how racism operates at various levels (interpersonal, community, institutional) and at its intersections (with class, ethnicity, etc) to create the situation we are seeing today in our local context. This month, we will focus on what is going on right now in Asheville specifically (planned developments and evictions, demographic shifts, etc) and consider some relevant history of racialized displacement. We hope folks who attended the first session will continue to participate, but newcomers are welcome and encouraged. This series grew out of a Stand Against Racism last month, and is geared toward education and relationship-building to strengthen our understanding of these issues and our ability to talk about them within and amongst communities; we will not "solve" gentrification or displacement by the end of the summer, but we hope that addressing these questions together over the next few months will make action more likely, and more effective, in the future. Time is 6:30 PM and location is Firestorm Cafe & Books at 610 Haywood Street in west Asheville. Contact Firestorm at for more information.

United to Restore Democracy in cooperation with Common Cause NC wants you to know about this program. Join us for a special screening of the documentary “Gerry-Rigged” about gerrymandering in NC, covering the problem and the solution. Join Common Cause NC for a screening of “Gerry-Rigged” a documentary looking at gerrymandering in North Carolina, followed by a campaign update, discussion and Q&A with knowledgeable citizens. United to Restore Democracy in cooperation with Common Cause NC wants you to know about this program. Time is 6 to 8 PM and location is Lord Auditorium in Pack Library in downtown Asheville. This is free and open to the public. For more information call 919-836-0027 or email

Learn about the new Asheville/Buncombe/Duke Energy partnership aimed at moving our region to clean energy and avoiding construction of a new power plant in 2023. This is the first opportunity to provide input into the plan that will be developed by the new Energy Innovation Task Force so come with ideas of what you want to see. Presenters: Julie Mayfield, Asheville City Council, and Jason Walls, Duke Energy. Time is 5:30 PM and location is The Block Off Biltmore on Eagle and Market Street in downtown Asheville. Contact Julie Mayfield on City Council for more information.

“Welcome Home Tour” is a tour of Asheville organizations that serve the homeless population. Registration required, free to attend. Time is 11 AM. Call 258-1695 for more information and for instructions on how to register.

“The Mountaintop” by Katori Hall is about Martin Luther King, Jr. Since its 2009 London premiere, the show has captivated audiences across the United States. And it’s not because of King the legend. Or King the martyr. No — here we see an imperfect man, chain-smoking, flirting with a woman who isn’t his wife, trying to talk his way out of God’s plans. We bear witness to his soul, in all its messy humanity. We laugh at his humor and shake our heads at his eloquence. We empathize with his ego and his self-doubt. Proceeds from latest show by Different Strokes supports Building Bridges. We encourage you to go see The Mountaintop by Katori Hall as performed by the Different Strokes! Performing Arts Collective in the next two weeks. Performances are on Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights at 7:30 PM at the BeBe Theater on Commerce Street in downtown Asheville. For more information, including how to get tickets, contact Building Bridges  at or contact the theater.

There is a special, strategic briefing meeting for Common Cause NC supporters on June 16, at 8:30 AM at Denny’s at 675 Patton Avenue in Asheville. This will be a great chance to learn more about our work on voting rights, voter education, civic engagement and the fight to get big money out of politics. You can help plan and guide our future work and even become a leader in the effort to strengthen democracy in NC! If you'd like to attend this strategic meeting or have any questions, please email Brent at

Want to get into the river and make a difference? June 16 is the perfect time to reintroduce yourself to the French Broad, and clean it up along the way, with Mountain True. This clean-up is part of our Riverkeeper Beer Series, which is a series of sponsored paddles and cleanups by local breweries and gear-builders.   June is sponsored by Catawba, Astral, Diamond Brand, and NOC.  We want to make a big impact, so we’ll take as many hands as we can get. Come ready to get dirty and have fun! Meet at 10AM at Hominy Creek River Park – We’ll carpool to the put-in from there. Take out is around 3 or 4 PM. Bring: water bottle, lunch, clothes you don’t care to get dirty, sunscreen. Contact organizer Anna Alsobrook at 828-258-8737 or email

Hendersonville Pollinator Week invasive plant removal by Mountain True. Help improve the Oklawaha Greenway and have fun doing it. Join us for a satisfying day of removing the plants that choke out the desirable native plants. Bob Gale has an amazing store of knowledge about native and non-native plants. This is a good project for groups, clubs and teams who want to work on worthy and needed jobs. This event is part of Hendersonville Bee City’s Pollinator Week. Time is 9 AM to noon. For more information and to register, contact Bob Gale at 828-258-8737 or

Bring out your dead batteries, tvs, electronics and more to be recycled here in the US. We will set up in the Arvato Digital Services (formerly Sonopress) main parking lot. The event sponsors will be collecting a array of items: books for the Snake, Rabbit, and Snail bookmobile, styrofoam, usable items for Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity and gently used pet supplies for the Asheville Humane Society. There's a $10 fee for CRT Televisions, but everything else is free. Time is 10 AM to 2 PM and location is Arvato Digital Services at 108 Monticello Road in Weaverville. For questions about what can and can't be recycled or if you would like to help out at this event call: 828-254-1776.

We need hope, we need change, we need justice - and we have help. In this divided world Maitreya, the world teacher, is stepping forward. His mission has begun. Mastery and his group of enlightened teachers, are here to help us reverse the damage we have done to our planet and inspired us to create a new civilization based on sharing the world’s resources and justice - the way to lasting peace. Free presentations at 2 PM at Asheville Friends Meeting at 227 Edgewood Road in Asheville NC. Please call McNair at 828-398-0609 for more information. Sponsored by Share International Southeast.

This is all week from June 18 - 25, 2016. Visit the Hendersonville Community Co-Op to learn more about the connection between pollinators and our food supply at an exhibit by the Henderson County Beekeepers Association.  Or go to this website:

“The Lessons of the Holocaust Today” will be presented by Ari Landau at the Sunday, June 19th meeting of the Ethical Humanist Society of Asheville. Time is 2 to 3:30 PM and location is the Asheville Friends Meeting House at 227 Edgewood Road in Asheville. All are welcome to attend. What are the lessons of the Holocaust? How did an extreme radical anti-Semitic political party gain control of a culturally advanced European nation and lead it into the most horrific war in history? Why did so many participate in the Nazi “Final Solution?” Why has genocide continued in the world today? Is history repeating itself? Is the current U.S. campaign rhetoric of targeting groups increasing international support for nationalist and anti-Semitic political parties? What national and international policies should the U.S. and the international community adopt? What can we do to stop this madness? Informal discussion and refreshments will follow the presentation. For more information, call 828-687-7759 or email

The French Broad Riverkeeper and riverkeepers around North Carolina previously held dozens of Muddy Water Watch training programs around the state, training more than 150 volunteers and reporting hundreds of sediment runoff instances from construction sites. “The Muddy Water Watch program is a great way for people to have an immediate impact that benefits our local environment and water quality,” Carson said. “Western North Carolina’s rivers are some of our greatest treasures and economic assets. Both locals and visitors paddle, fish and play in these waters and we need to protect them.” Time is 4 to 7 PM and location is Madison County Public Library at 1335 N. Main Street in Marshall. 

The June 20 meeting will be at the North Asheville Library on Merrimon Avenue with HB2 as the topic. Location is the North Asheville Library at 1030 Merrimon Avenue in Asheville. Time is 7 PM. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Diana at  or 828-275-0680. 

When a local golf course was going out of business, the Village of Flat Rock stepped up to acquire the 66-acre property. Three years later more than 1,500 trees have been planted, 20 bird boxes installed, three owl boxes, honey bee hive in place, and over 4,000 sq. feet of pollinator gardens planted. Event will include a nature hike through pollinator gardens and through The Park, as time allows. Time is 10 AM to noon, and location is The Park at Flat Rock, 34 Highland Golf Drive in Flat Rock. Suitable for all ages, no charge. Email Fred Roane, Park Naturalist, to preregister at 

Presented by the NC Arboretum and Asheville & Hendersonville affiliates of Bee City USA. Time is 5:30 to 8: 30 PM. Landscape designer, photographer, and acclaimed author of “Pollinators of Native Plants”, Heather Holm, will give two presentations about creating pollinator-friendly gardens with using native flowers, shrubs, and trees. First one is at 6 PM and is titled “Gardening for Bees, Butterflies & Beneficial Insects “ (Presentation 1). Most insects have a positive impact in our landscapes. Native plants can be selected to attract specific bees, butterflies and beneficial insects including predatory and parasitic wasps, beetles, flies, true bugs, and lacewings. Learn how these flower-visiting insects provide vital pollination services and also help keep problem insect populations in balance. The life cycles, diversity, and nesting habitats of various insect species will be covered along with examples of native plants for different site conditions. At 7:30 PM the second presentation will be “Selecting Native Trees and Shrubs that Support Pollinators” (Presentation 2). While most trees are wind-pollinated, the ones that are insect-pollinated provide important forage for pollinators, especially in early spring. Learn about which canopy trees, small trees, and shrubs are insect-pollinated and the types of pollinators each plant attracts. Factors influencing pollinator visitation including flower structure, flower resources, flowering phenology, and the plant community where the woody plant occurs will also be discussed. Location is the North Carolina Arboretum, 100 Frederick Law Olmsted Way in Asheville. This is for all ages. There is free tickets and free parking, if preregistered. $5 suggested donation at the door. Preregister for free tickets for Presentation 1 and Presentation 2. Because seating is limited, even Arboretum members should pre-register. Non-NC Arboretum members who have not preregistered will be charged $12 for parking. For more information, go to

The 3rd Tuesday of every other month is our regular meeting at 6:30 at the United Way on South French Broad.  We will have dinner…feel free to bring a dish to share if you would like and are able.  We will discuss general Just Economics topics and then divide into committees:  Policy Advocacy, Certification, and Education and Outreach.  Everyone is welcome! For more information, contact   

Join us for an evening of land conservation, Asheville history, and fellowship as we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Conservation Trust for North Carolina, on Thursday, June 23, 2016. At 7:15 PM we will meet at the Fine Arts Theatre, where we will screen “America’s First Forest: Carl Schenck & the Asheville Experiment”. The film is produced by the Forest History Society in cooperation with Bonesteel Films. The film tells the story of how Carl Schenck realized Frederick Law Olmsted’s vision of introducing forestry to America.Immediately following this 55-minute film, we’ll have a question and answer session with producer Paul Bonesteel. Tickets are $20 per person and may be purchased in advance at the theatre (36 Biltmore Avenue) or online. For questions, please contact Rebecca Hankins at (919) 828-4199 ext. 17 or

Physicians, health personnel and everyone; all are welcomed at our monthly meetings held on the third Friday of each month. Bring a brown bag lunch around noon. This will be held at The First Congregational United Church of Christ, Room E205, at 20 Oak Street (just off College St. in downtown Asheville). Time is noon to 2 PM. Meeting starts at 12:30. Parking is available behind the church. Enter the church or ring doorbell at the glass doors on Oak Street. For more information contact Dr. Terry Clark, Chair, 633-0892 or Dr. Lew Patrie, 299-1242.

This meeting will be at 6 PM at Brooks-Howell Home at 266 Merrimon Avenue in Asheville. Meet in the media room. We will watch “Occupation of the American Mind” then discuss how to use this powerful up-to-date documentation of the Israeli government’s contracted PR specialists marketing the hasbara (propaganda) that controls almost all of US media’s representation of the situation. This is open to anyone who would like to see the documentary. Contact Suchi at for more information.

Think NC First - a discussion about the roadmap. Concerned about the direction of North Carolina? Do you think our state needs a new agenda? Be a part of the discussion about sound ideas for North Carolina. Think NC First Invites You to Join: Ken Brame, Sierra Club Political Chair and Brownie Newman, Vice-Chair Buncombe County Commission for a discussion about Roadmap 2025, a project offering ideas for a new direction. Focused, effective action can strengthen our civic institutions, build crucial infrastructure and make North Carolina a more inviting place to live and work. It is recommended that you park in the Rankin parking deck. Event is free and open to the public. Time is 8:30 to 10 AM and location is The Collider at 1 Haywood Street, Suite 401 in Asheville. For questions regarding the event, contact:

The western North Carolina chapter of the ACLU of North Carolina will hold its annual membership Celebration Sunday, June 26, in Asheville. ACLU legal director Chris Brook will update the gathering on “In the Courts and at the Statehouse,” covering civil liberties issues North Carolina faces, including voting rights and HB2. This year’s Evan Mahaney Champion of Liberty Award will be given posthumously to Isaac Coleman, whose recent death ended a lifetime of commitment to the causes of human rights and equal justice. The ACLU Celebration will be held at The Altamont Theater, 18 Church Street, at 3 PM. All ACLU members and supporters, and all friends of Isaac Coleman, are invited and welcome. For more information, contact Curry at

Occupy WNC: Corporations Ain't People! Working Group. Open General Assembly every 2nd & 4th Tuesdays from 7 - 8:30 PM at The Sneak E Squirrel's Community Room at 1315 W Main Street in Sylva, NC. More information at (828)351.1524.

The public is invited to attend the June 29 community feedback session at 7 PM at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at 1 Edwin Place in Asheville.  J.D. McCrary, who is leading the IRC site visit team, will be there to hear from the community. He will answer questions and concerns about resettlement and hear from us as to why we think Asheville would be a good resettlement site. If you decide to come to this meeting, please let Bobby King know at least a week in advance so that we can ensure adequate space and seating.For questions or to reserve a spot, contact Bobby King at [The International Rescue Committee website has this to say: “The United States has a long tradition of offering refuge to those fleeing persecution and war.” No mention of our even longer history of causing war and persecution that creates these refugees in the first place.-dancewater]

Meeting is from 3:30 to 5 PM and location is the first floor Conference Room at Asheville City Hall. 

Veterans for Peace have a weekly vigil at 4:30 PM at Pack Square, Vance Monument
Showing Up for Racial Justice is from noon to 2 PM at Firestorm Cafe and Books at 610 Haywood Road in west Asheville. Educating and organizing white people for racial justice. Free.
Orientation session for Asheville Timebank. 4 PM at Firestorm Cafe & Books at 610 Haywood Road in west Asheville. Email for information and to register. 

Haywood Peace Vigilers have a weekly vigil at 4 PM at Haywood County Courthouse in Waynesville
French Broad Riverkeeper has a paddle-n-plant to prevent sediment erosion most Wednesdays and Saturdays. Registration required at 

Political Prisoners Letter Writing at Firestorm Cafe & Books at 6 PM on first Thursday of the month. Materials provided.

Women in Black have a weekly vigil at noon at the City Hall in Hendersonville
Women in Black have a monthly vigil at 5 PM at Vance Monument in Asheville (first Friday only)

Transylvanians for Peace and WNC Physicians for Social Responsibility have a weekly vigil at noon in front of the courthouse in Brevard. Call 884-3435 to confirm. 
French Broad Riverkeeper has a paddle-n-plant to prevent sediment erosion most Wednesdays and Saturdays. Registration required at 

Youth OUTright meeting from 4 to 6 PM at First Congregational United Church of Christ at 20 Oak Street in Asheville. Ages 14 - 23 only.


Hood Tour Tickets

An interactive tour focusing on Asheville’s African American resilient history and future in the arts, environmentalism and entrepreneurship. The tour visits neighborhoods with existing and active green spaces, art, and grassroots initiatives. Tours run most Thursdays at 1 PM and Saturdays at 3 PM, and by appointment for groups by emailing Tours last approximately 1.5 hours. Cost is $25 per person. Tours begin at the Stephens-Lee Recreation Center, 30 George Washington Carver Avenue.

Hood Huggers International, LLC offers sustainable strategies for building support pillars for resilient historically African American neighborhoods, providing a framework for community capacity building while increasing the effectiveness of existing service programs. These strategies incorporate the arts, environmental education and social enterprise.

DeWayne Barton is the founder/CEO of Hood Huggers. A sculptor and poet, Barton has been involved in community improvement and youth development for over 20 years. He serves on the African American Heritage Commission, CoThinkk, and the City of Asheville Neighborhood Advisory Board. 

Please call (828) 275-5305 or email for more information including how to register for these tours. 


WNC 4 Peace announces a contest in which students across Buncombe county can enter via their schools creative works that promote the importance of peacemaking. There will be 4 "Winners" for Best Poem, Best Video, Best Artwork, and Best Essay on Peace . Please forward this message to Schools, Teachers and Students and help spread the contest. All students  will be honored on our website with their contribution .

The School from which winning students submit their poem, video, artwork or essay will be given $100 checks from WNC 4 Peace. The $100 prizes will be presented to schools (or homeschooling associations) to encourage students there to enter, as well as helping schools provide resources for them to teach peace related skills.

WNC 4 Peace and our peacemaker partner groups will raise funds to support this important youth project. We will invite Mountain Xpress and other local media to announce the competition and to also print the names of winning entries and their schools. 

We are naming awards in honor of recently deceased local  peace heroes:

*Isaac Coleman, who died recently, and was founder of Read to Succeed and former Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee in the 1960s;

    *Judith Hallock, co-founder of the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance and leader of previous local International Days of Peace;

    *Tony Bing, former leader of the Palestinian/Jewish Egalitarian Team (formerly called Western Carolinians for Peace and Justice in the Middle East).

    *Ron Harayda, former chairman of Veterans of Peace Chapter 099 and host of their weekly WPVM radio program for years.

Deadline for submissions will be August 15, 2016.  All entries should be sent to WNC 4 Peace .  In the case of videos, send an email to the address above and give the name of the video, which has been uploaded to YouTube by the entrant.  Artwork should be uploaded as a. PDF attachment and sent in an email to WNC 4 Peace.  All students from elementary through high school are eligible to participate.  Be sure all entries include entrant's name, school, grade level, and contact information.

Two or Three local people will be selected and  asked to judge for each category.Volunteers are welcome to step forward to be a judge for  the four awards. Winners will be announced in September for International Day of Peace.  Details about the date and place to honor all entrants and winners will be announced at a later date. Cut off date for all entries is 15 August 2016 . For more information, contact WNC 4 Peace , or call 828-378-0125.

On Behalf of the WNC 4 Peace Team.
Rachael Bliss
Colin Neiburger 
Craig Klawuhn


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