Monday, October 24, 2016

Vigil for peace and nuclear disarmament

Will you help end our terrible love affair with nuclear weapons that threatens us all?

From Lew Patrie, with WNC Physicians for Social Responsibility

Reducing the nuclear weapons danger is an urgent task for our survival.

Join with us to say no to continued development and threatened use of nuclear weapons!!  

The risk of outbreak of nuclear war has recently increased sharply, due to deteriorating relations between the US and Russia and China. 

We invite you to join Asheville’s Veterans for Peace Chapter, (VFP), and WNC Physicians for Social Responsibility Chapter (PSR) for a vigil on Tuesday October 25th, at 5PM, at the Vance Memorial in Pack Square to say no to our continued development and threatened use of nuclear weapons and  for establishment of peaceful relations with Russia and China.

Nuclear powers still maintain more than 15,000 nuclear warheads with more than 2,000 on high alert, available for immediate launch. 

● 100 nuclear weapons detonated in a limited nuclear war could cause deaths of up to 2 billion people due to mass starvation caused by crop failures triggered by a prolonged nuclear winter. 

●We urge President Obama to establish a clear policy of no-first-use and eliminate plans for spending a trillion dollars for nuclear weapons.

● Politicians and the media largely ignore this issue It is essential that we speak out to urge the US to stop threatened use of nuclear weapons and to for all countries to take nuclear weapons off high alert/launch on warning.

Please join us for the vigil at Vance Memorial on Tuesday, Oct. 25th, 5 PM  

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