Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Statement by Leah Bolger, Chair of Coordinating Committee of World Beyond War

The recent bombing of a Syrian airfield has triggered outraged opposition from multiple anti-war organizations, and rightly so. Trump’s provocative, and illegal action has only made things worse, as violence always does. War as a means of resolving conflict is obsolete. The “security system” of violence or the threat of violence, which states use to resolve conflict must be replaced by a security system of diplomacy, or we will be forever locked inside a continuum of killing and destruction.

Polls show that citizens all over the world do not want war. They do not want their government to give priority to killing and destruction over the human needs of its citizens. These days, we are coming to understand our reliance on each other, and our communal dependence on our planet. We must learn to solve the problems in the world in a positive, collective way.

The mission of World Beyond War is to work proactively to dismantle the system of weaponized defense, instead of reacting to the latest War-of-the-Day. As an anti-war movement, we need to get ahead of conflict instead of responding to it. World Beyond War believes that we can, and must, replace the security system of war and militarism with one based on diplomacy and international law.

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