Friday, March 25, 2005

If you care, they will find you

On January 18, 2005 a terrible incident occurred in Tal Afar. US troops fired on a car, thinking that the car was getting too close and possibly dangerous. There was a family in that car: two parents, one niece, and five children. The oldest child was 14, the youngest just turned 2.

The parents were killed immediately.

Only one of the children suffered serious physical injury, and he now is a paraplegic. There happened to be a professional photographer on the scene when this happened, and his photos were seen around the world. The image of one of the little girls squatting down, her hands and dress and face streaked with her parent's blood, with her mouth wide open in a scream of horror - was on the front page of most European newspapers on inauguration day.

This incident came to my attention because I read on the web about events in Iraq every day. No matter what the corporate media (here in this country) is telling you, I can assure you that the Iraqi people are suffering HORRIBLY from this war and occupation.

I emailed the photographer (easy to find him with a web search) and asked if I could reproduce the photos. I was thinking of sending it (via a postcard) to every US Senator with the statement "Her parents did not vote in the elections". He said the photos belonged to his employer, and I would have to buy them.

I got an email from this photographer last night. He told me of a fund raising drive to address the problems the orphaned children are facing. This email led me to the following site:

There, you can make a donation to help this family. If you care, this will find you. The donations are tax-deductible. If you care, this will move you.

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