Monday, March 14, 2005

Let's you and him fight.....

And that is the game the Bushies are playing in Lebanon today. They have been encouraging some of the Lebanese to protest Syria's presence in that country for a few weeks now. Last Tuesday, there was a HUGE pro-Syria demonstration (about 8 pro-Syria demonstrators for every 1 anti-Syria demonstrator). Today, there was another HUGE pro-Syria demonstration, and the Lebanese brought their identity cards to prove to the right wingnuts here in the USA that they were who they said they were. Here's a clip from on news article:

"Their banners proclaimed in English "Shut up Bush," "Bush, we don't need your democracy" and "Bush, we're in Lebanon, not Ukraine."

So, the Bushies are promoting getting Syria out of Lebanon, so the Lebanese can have "free and fair" elections that are truly anti-American and anti-Israel (they were chanting "Death to Israel" and "Death to America" today also). Well, it is not every US president who wants other countries (not all of them Middle Eastern, either) thrown into turmoil, chaos and violence just so they can clearly show they hate the USA. How is this supposed to benefit Americans, or anyone on the planet?

Anyway, I think Bush is playing "let's you and him fight" as part of his "divide and conquer" strategy. I think he has no morals whatsoever.

Sure would like to be proven wrong for a change.

Funniest thing on TV this weekend: Ms. Rice saying that the car bomb assassination of the former Prime Minister of Lebanon shows that Syria's occupation of Lebanon is "not helpful" and did not lead to stability.

So, following that line of argument: what the hell are we doing in IRAQ?

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