Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I look at the pictures. No matter who takes them or where I find them, I look at the pictures. Last week at a local child care conference (I was presenting there), a former US soldier had pictures of Iraq. He was in the northern part of the country, and he came home in March 2004. He said that many good things are happening there, and that our media reports only the bad stuff. And he had photos, many photos of Iraqi children. Most of them were just doing everyday stuff, with the little boys showing great interest in the guns. One photo showed two children looking through some razor wire, but most were just ordinary kids doing ordinary things.

He also had photos of the living quarters of the US troops. He said he does not want to go back to Iraq, only because he has two small children, and being away for a whole year is hard on them. Other than that fact, he would like to go back and help Iraq and Iraqis. I'm pretty sure the US military is not helping Iraq.

Last week, the photos of Saddam in his underwear came out. I really don't know what they were thinking when they published these silly photos, but I suspect it was a way to distract people from what is really going on.... following our corporate media's plan to give everyone infotainment, and generally keep them ignorant and supporting programs and policies that clearly hurt them.

I got to thinking that photos of Bush and Cheney in their undies would do the world a great deal of good! And maybe help the sheeple see through their nonsense.

And today, I looked at the photos from Iraq on Yahoo News, like I do every evening. There is picture after picture of car bombings. And picture after picture of the injured people afterwards. There is face after face after face - full of grief, all from the agony that is going on in Iraq these days.

There were a couple of photos of a very young girl in a pretty green dress. Her mother died today in a car bombing in Iraq.

Also, 16 US troops (so far) have died this week. And it is only Tuesday. And still we continue on this march of folly, mostly blind to the reality that is coming our way.


laserflight said...

I am really thinking a lot about impeachment of all those who led the US without cause into this war, for their own profit. Is there a better reason to impeach?

I have been talking to a few activist friends about this and some believe it can't go forth with the imbalance of Repubs to Dems in Congress. But as William Rivers Pitt wrote yesterday in Truthout, "Exploit the Rift", I believe was the title - there is a civil war starting in the Repub party. It's apparently between the "old-line" repubs and the "neo-cons".

The "old-liners" are beginning to fear for their political careers, starting to understand that mainstream America is not so radical as Frist and others seem to imagine.

So what about contacting "old-line" Repubs as well as Dems about impeachment? I've already begun, contacting my Rep who's in the Judicialry comiitee, which is where impeachment has to start.

Actually, as Tom Hayden says, it "the people change the politics". Let's start this. What say?

dancewater said...

I would have to say, Bush & company should be impeached. The Downing Street Memo might help us get there.

laserflight said...

So the impeachment idea is still drawing me. It's daunting that the succession is Bush, Cheney, Hastert, Frist. That's alot of impeaching.

But it's my experience that sometimes you just have to start something. If the rest of the world sees the US holding the liars accountable, if KANSAS sees some Americans trying to hold our gov. accountable, isn't that a good thing?

Galloway spoke truth to "power" on TV about this recently. The "Downing Memo" is about to come out big time I think (see John Conyers' website).

Maybe the ground for impeachment efforts is more fertile than ever. Maybe the effort is worth it.