Friday, October 28, 2005

Media coverage of the vigil

Last night I was interviewed on WLOS TV. I said that things were getting worse and worse in Iraq, in spite of our military's best efforts (okay, I am giving them the benefit of a doubt, which some of them DO NOT deserve, but some do- I wanted to reach the Americans who are not convinced that the US military needs to leave Iraq).

I said that life for Iraqis is getting more and more treacherous.

I heard it was replayed this morning. It was great to hear the newscaster say "Not one more Death! Not one more Dollar!" was our slogan for last night's vigil. That came from the American Friends Service Committee. It is important to get on TV, since that is where a huge number of Americans get their "news" (which is why they don't know anything).

On Friday, I will be blogging on Today in Iraq ( Please read about the bell-ringing action under PEACE ACTION.

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