Thursday, April 20, 2006

Article on "Who Is A Terrorist?"

Who Is A Terrorist?

The scenes from Gaza are heartbreaking. Heartbreaking? That's not for certain. The sight of the Aben family from Beit Lahiya mourning its 12-year-old daughter Hadil last week did not stir any particular shock in Israel. Nor did anyone take to the streets and protest over the sight of her wounded mother and little brother lying in shock on the floor of their shanty in Gaza. On the day Hadil Aben was killed, Yedioth Aharonoth carried a story about Nelly, the dog from Kibbutz Zikim that died of heart failure from the booming noise of the Israeli artillery firing into Gaza.

Instead of expressions of sorrow at the death of children, the upper echelons of the defense establishment came out with a stream of strident statements. The defense minister said that the only thing to do was step up the pressure on the Palestinians. The deputy chief of staff spoke about a possible invasion of Gaza and the head of army operations added, "what we've seen so far are only the previews." The IDF announced it would further reduce the "safety range" that is designed to avoid shells hitting the civilian population.

The article I cited above is excellent at presenting the immorality of the Israeli’s government’s actions. Israel is dropping bombs on Gaza, while the Palestinians are firing rockets at Israel. The Palestinians have yet to kill anyone with the rockets, yet they are the ones labeled a “terrorist” – a name they lived up to the other day when one of them did a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv.

This Israeli author argues that the approach they should try (to quiet down the violence in Gaza) is to lift the embargo, restore aid, and help the Palestinian people. (It is likely that this would save them money also; however the arms manufacturers would lose money.) This is the exact opposite of what they are doing. In spite of the fact that Israel’s policy is not working, they continue to use their failed policies. And, as one can see, some Palestinians also apply their failed policies to achieve justice and freedom. They care enough to give their life in the process, and they are so desperate, or so ill, that that is all they have to give.

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