Wednesday, September 12, 2007

An evening at the FAIR

In response to an email reminding me of my agreement to work for the local Democratic party at the Mountain State Fair, I sent this email:

I remember that I agreed to be at the Fair on Monday from 7 to 10. It is just that I am not seeing any reason to support the Democratic party anymore. They are helping bush destroy our constitution and bill of rights, and helping to continue the wars. They have excuses, excuses, excuses, as they continue to be the opposite side of the same corporate coin as the repubs. We have a government by the corporation, of the corporations, and for the corporations..... and they have both parties covered. Hillary will be our next president. It is already decided - of course, she would normally lose, but the elites realize the public won't vote for another repub right now. And while hillary will certainly be more competent to run the country than bush, she will likely keep the slaughter going..... just like her husband did.

I was especially distressed by all the pictures this morning on Yahoo News of the recently dead Iraqis, thanks to US bombings. It is the pictures of the babies that get to me the most. They were killed while they were sleeping, in their own beds, in their own homes, in Baghdad. Did anyone in the US notice? Can't see that they did.

Meanwhile, the democratic party has their canvassing events for local politicians, gets presents together for the US troops who doing this slaughter, makes no efforts to impeach these criminals in power, does nothing to stop the war, keeps paying to continue it, and worries about the silliest of things.

The national democratic party, on the other hand, if far, far worse. They are not just blocking the reality of cold blooded murder by the US government (via our military) out of their minds - they are actually helping to keep it going!!!

They seem to be in full agreement with the war, actually, no matter what they say.

Here's a story on the national democratic party and their efforts to suppress the voice of the "little" people:

Democratic House Officials Recruited Wealthy Conservatives
Matt Renner, Truthout, Thursday 06 September 2007

It was the day after Christmas 2005 and Christine Cegelis sat alone at her dining room table, trying to figure out how to tell her campaign volunteers that she was going to drop out of the 2006 Democratic primary.

The next evening she was to meet with friends and colleagues who had organized around her candidacy for the House of Representatives in the 6th District of Illinois. Her volunteers had walked block after block of the suburban district and spent hours making phone calls to solicit donations and promote the campaign. Many of these people had been at Cegelis's side during her 2004 campaign and witnessed the fruits of their labor when long-time Republican Representative Henry Hyde decided to retire instead of facing Cegelis again in 2006. This was their shot to have a national impact.

But pressure coming from the national Democratic Party was too great. The Democrats had found a challenger for Cegelis, an Iraq veteran named Tammy Duckworth. Contributions were pouring into the opposing campaign and Duckworth was shuttled into the national media spotlight. Cegelis began receiving calls from Democratic members of Congress informing her that they were planning to support Duckworth.


We are losing, no make that --WE HAVE LOST,-- our country. WE HAVE LOST OUR WAY. And we are busy slaughtering people who never, ever hurt us in any way shape or form, and most Americans go right on paying for it without a serious moral qualm to be had.... without any moral qualm at all, actually. They are only opposed to this war because we are LOSING THIS UGLY EVIL war, not because they are killing innocent people.....and they don't like losing.

So, on September 19th, the Peace Coalition is bringing an Iraqi girl to Asheville for a pot luck and vigil. Her name is Salee. In November 2006, she lost her brother, her best friend, and the bottom half of both her legs to a US bombing in Fallujah. She was playing hopscotch when the bombing hit. Only children were hurt by this bombing. Salee was brought to the US for medical treatment by NO MORE VICTIMS organization.

At 8 PM we will hold a vigil in Pritchard Park. I guess I will see, yet again, who in this city will stand up to show some degree of protest against this government, and show Salee and her father that we do not agree with our government.

And, I will be there on the 10th, but there is a fair chance I will not be a happy camper in the face of this ongoing slaughter. And I certainly will not be able to tell anyone what the democrats are doing to stop it.

UPDATE: The lady from the local Democratic party who I was responding to said that she understands my frustration that things are not changing fast enough. She just does not get it at ALL. And while talking to her in person, it seems she is determined to continue to remain clueless. Boy, will she be surprised when things do start changing very, very fast..... because it won't be in the direction she is expecting at all.

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