Sunday, April 26, 2009

Poem from 2000 that I wrote - Two

Where the Light Falls

Order and chaos, design and chance,
Exploring and finding,
Uncovering the challenge of living,
Where the light falls.

Beginnings and endings, all things will pass,
Loving the mystery of being,
The beauty that we know, at least,
Where the light falls.

Life is the process, and the spaces between us,
The interactions we uncover and discover,
As well as we can,
Where the light falls.

Time is the energy of the world and of love,
With currents and eddies,
We are always going into and out of,
Where the light falls.

We are a small representation of the world that created us,
With depths unreachable,
Yet we strive to bring them alive,
Where the light falls.

The mystery of living, of love, and of loss,
Creation and recognition, entropy and denial,
Going into and out of, the place
Where the light falls.

Creating our lives from the energy before us,
Joining the river of life, giving ourselves to the flow,
Wanting to find once again,
Where the light falls.

We are all in our knowing together,
Yet we are all missing the whole at the center,
Hoping to find his, with love as the goal, in that place
Where the light falls.

Wait in the light, where the truth resides.

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