Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hold the Criminals Accountable!

Letter I sent to Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Conyers (in honor of this day)

The American people deserve to know what was done in our names with our tax dollars. We also need to hold those who tortured and murdered accountable, so that we can join the civilized nations of the world.

The US Constitution demands this.

Human decency demands this.

I demand this.

I am tired of being ashamed of my country.

We need to have a full investigation of torture, kidnappings, murders and wars of aggression that the US has been involved in since 2001. It astonishes me that 19 guys with box cutters could take us down this road to immorality and on this march of folly. I would never have thought we were so weak. And if we do not investigate and prosecute the people who were responsible, we will never be a country worthy of respect again.

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