Monday, June 29, 2009

Faiza speaks in Asheville

Faiza gave a presentation last night at Asheville Friends Meeting. We had about 30-35 people show up to hear about what has happened in Iraq and the projects Faiza is working on. One project is a water treatment project, which is funded for Veterans for Peace. This was started in the 1990’s and has recently been revived, since clean and safe drinking water is a problem in many areas of Iraq.

The other project Faiza is working on is the ‘sewing machine project’ which the local Vets for Peace and Peace & Earth Committee of Asheville Friends Meeting have taken up as a cause. This project will get sewing machines and materials to Iraqi widows, so that they can make clothes for their children and families, and then make clothing to sell on a market. The sewing machines are able to be powered by foot treadle.

Faiza talks about her project on this blog post.

The reason Vets for Peace and Peace & Earth Committee have taken up this project is to help mitigate (to some small degree) the damage that was caused by the US invasion and occupation of Iraq. The Veterans for Peace believe that this is the route to peace: to build community and sustainability. We are asking all of our community to give any moral, spiritual or financial support that they are able to give for this project to help Iraqi widows. Donations to Veterans for Peace are tax deductible. Checks can be mailed to Veterans for Peace, PO Box 456, Mars Hill, NC 28754. Please mark “Iraq sewing project” on the check.

Donations can be made by Pay Pal at their website – under the Afghanistan orphanage Fund. Even though the website says for Afghani orphanage (a former project the Veterans did that was quite successful) the money will now go to the Iraq sewing project (the website has not been updated yet).

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