Thursday, July 02, 2009

Letter to Rep. Shuler

I sent this to him via his web page:

I recently heard that Rep. Shuler voted against an amendment requiring that the students of the SOA be made public.

And I read in the news that the leader of the coup in Honduras was a graduate of the School of the Americas (now called WHINSEC).

I believe there is a direct connection between the SOA and human rights violations in Central and South America.

I believe in transparency and accountability. I believe that I have a right to know how my tax dollars are being spent. I believe that the tax dollars being spent on the SOA is illegal, immoral and just stupid, unless our goal is to have less democracy and human rights in the world.

I totally fail to see how anyone can call themselves a ‘Christian’ and support things like this. I therefore conclude that Rep. Shuler is not a Christian. That conclusion is supported by his votes to support immoral wars and occupations, and his failure to bring Americans who violate human rights to justice. He is a fake Christian in my eyes.

Perhaps he should consider publicly stating that he is opposed to the very principles of Jesus Christ, which is why he supports war, torture, occupations, and a total lack of transparency.

Perhaps he should consider becoming honest. I am sick of the fake Christians.

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