Tuesday, July 14, 2009

WWB: deep sense of injustice

WHAT WAR BRINGS: A deep sense of injustice

In Iraq, the country and culture has been destroyed. No Iraqi has been untouched by violence and chaos from the US invasion and occupation. Millions are homeless, injured, traumatized or dead. And there has been little acknowledgement, and certainly no sustained efforts at reparations for the harm that was done. There has been the occasional payment from US forces for damages, but nothing on the scale that really addresses the injustices visited on the Iraqi people.

This is true for Afghani people also.

And a recent article asks:

Who will do justice to victims of U.S. invasion of Iraq?

Here is a part of that article:

The victims of the past six years, it seems, have turned into meaningless numbers about which nobody cares. They have apparently turned into erased lines in Iraq’s book of darkness, or graves with erased epitaphs in the desert of death.

Iraqi lives are as valuable as those of U.S. marines whose numbers, names and graves are very well marked and commemorated. In one way or another, their families and beloved ones are being taken care of.

That is unfortunately not the case with Iraqis who, directly or indirectly, have become the victims of these marauding marines.

...... Justice is far from being administered.

Iraqis who lost their lives, whether those buried properly, or those whose bodies were left to rotten, or devoured by stray dogs, cannot be resurrected.

Will justice come to those who have suffered so vastly from actions of another country, over which they had no control?

Justice cannot come to those who are dead, but it is possible that some measure of justice could come to those Iraqis who are orphaned, refugees, widowed, or now in dire poverty because of the occupation.

But that is not happening, and there is no sign that it will happen – either from the US occupiers or from the current Iraqi government.

And that leaves a great number of Iraqis with a deep sense of injustice – that some of them may (unfortunately) one day act upon in a manner that is violent and vengeful.

If you support the continued occupation of Iraq or Afghanistan, or the bombing of Pakistan, then you support WHAT WAR BRINGS: a deep sense of injustice among the people who live there.

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