Thursday, July 02, 2009

Scheuer showing his true colors, yet again.

Michael Scheuer has repeatedly spoken out against the war on Iraq. Not because he has morals, but because he thought it was a waste and distraction from America's "true" enemies. Scheuer has publicly stated that he has no problem with Americans doing torture, because he thinks it will somehow "protect" Americans. I guess that holds true when it is Americans torturing other Americans too.

But he really showed his true colors when he came out with this statement:

Scheuer proposes that the US needs to "protect" us by using violence. I guess that holds true for him even if it is violence by Americans on Americans.

Scheuer is a former CIA analyst.

Years ago, Bill Moyer said (roughly) - if they will brag about taking down foreign leaders, what would they do that they will NOT brag about? He was talking about the CIA.

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