Friday, July 03, 2009

Logging on Rich Mountain in Madison County

I recently went camping up on Rich Mountain, and found out they are doing some logging up there. I asked the man in the photo what was up, and he said that he works for the government and that they want to clear out trees alongside the roads to get more sunlight on the road and to improve the view. I mentioned that the logging is really tearing up the dirt road, and he said the government will fix that after they are done.

I don’t see how what they are doing will improve the view, since the logging is being done at lower levels were there is no view to speak of. But it will increase sunlight on the road to get those big trees out of there.

Unfortunately, they are dumping the leftover scraps down the hillside besides some hair pin turns. This waste is all organic to the area, but it will also kill off the vegetation (small trees) that it covers… which means the dirt road itself might give way.

The view from the very top of Rich Mountain, as in my next post, is still fantastic!

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