Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Email to Governor Purdue

Dear Governor Purdue:

Promptly investigate ongoing state and local support of crimes against humanity by initiating a full and transparent state-level investigation of Aero Contractors and their involvement with transporting kidnapped individuals to other countries or black sites to be tortured.

I would like to request a further investigation on how NC tax dollars were used to support public facilities that host Aero Contractors at Global TransPark and Johnston County Airport.

A German public prosecutor has issued arrest warrants for three Aero Contractors pilots involved in the kidnapping, illegal detention, and torture of a German citizen, Khaled El-Masri. These pilots live in or near Clayton, North Carolina, and their identity is known.

I attend Asheville Friends Meeting and I am involved in the Peace & Earth Committee. I am very concerned about torture issues, kidnapping by US state actors, detaining prisoners without trial or even charges, and other acts of gross immorality. I am involved with death penalty issues. My beliefs do not allow my fellow humans to be treated in this manner, and my morals do not allow me to be comfortable with my tax dollars being spent on these immoral actions.

This is particularly true when the victims, such as Mr. El-Masri, are innocent.

Please investigate these situations, and let me know what you find out.

If you would like to email Governor Purdue, go to this website.

If you would like more information on NC Stop Torture Now, go to this website.

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