Sunday, August 23, 2009

Iraqi Sewing Project

These are pictures of the sewing machines and fabric for the Iraqi Sewing Project and the receipts for these items. There were four sewing machines purchased, along with fabric, scissors, needles and thread.

Faiza sent these photos to me, and she is the one getting the sewing machines set up with Iraqi widows. These women will start sewing clothes for their children and to sell at the market.

The money for this project was raised in Asheville in June 2009. Many thanks to Faiza for coming to Asheville and speaking to us about Iraq and the hardships the Iraqi people are facing. This is a small project, but hopefully, something bigger and better will grow from this project.

And here is a quote for you:

No true effort is in vain. Look at the fields over there. The grain sown therein has to remain in the earth for a certain time, then it sprouts, and in due time yields hundreds of its kind. The same is the case with every effort in a good cause. – Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan (1890-1988)

And another one:

Further, every good and true effort has its own immediate benefit in that it adds both to the goodness of the doer and to the world at large. Even though the benefit may be unseen - it is there. -- Tarak Kauff

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