Wednesday, September 30, 2009

From a NYT article

Antiwar activists, with a fool-me-once skepticism, watch the dispute over the Qum plant with an alarmed sense of déjà vu.

I am not even going to link to them. I just wanted to say that I have been involved in anti-war activism since 2002, and I don't know of a single anti-war activists who were fooled by the war-promoting bullshit by the NYT or CNN or anyone else. The hundreds of anti-war activists that I have meet all figured out - like I did - that Iraq had no nuclear WMDs and if they had any biological or chemical WMDs, they surely could not hurt Americans if we stayed out of Iraq. We all rather doubted there were ANY WMDs in Iraq at all.

But those dumbies at the NYT, CNN, FAUX, ABC, NBC, CBS and just about every other corporate media outlet in the USA could not figure it out. Now, they try to re-paint reality.

Here's the reality: I had a six year old notebook computer, an AOL dial-up connection, and the ability to read and think. All by my lonesome, I figured out that the claims about WMDs in Iraq was a pack of lies. I figured out that Powell's presentation at the UN was a load of shit. I figured out that Saddam was more truthful than anyone in the Bush administration, and likely better for Iraqis too (turns out - HE'S BETTER BY A LONG SHOT!). And I was not the only one who figured it out. Nearly every anti-war activist did.

These asshole 'journalists' just piss me off. They are terrible at their jobs, and then wonder why the media is in so much trouble.

Special note to McClatchy's (former Knight Ridder) --- they were not like the rest of them at all.

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