Saturday, September 05, 2009

Salee is in California!

I got this note about a week ago, so Salee and Abu Ali would have arrived in LA on August 29, 2009 (I think!). That means there are there to experience the massive fires going on in LA right now. I have not heard anything more, but here is the note from Ann Cothran Miller (who is with No More Victims).

Just a quick note to let you know that Salee and Abu Ali arrived in LA on Saturday! Salee is growing up, but still her sweet and spunky Salee self. She does walk without crutches now but it's with difficulty. She doesn't complain but she struggles so it's definitely time for the new legs! We also found out that she'd recently had surgery in Iraq to remove a piece of shrapnel that was migrating through her remaining limb and causing severe pain. Abu Ali gave us the piece of shrapnel and it was heartbreaking; about a 2 in long rectangle by 1/2 inch wide with razor sharp corners. So, the new surgery could be affecting her movement as well, but it's absolutely AMAZING to see her walking without crutches! And, when she's just standing, you'd never know she was on prosthetics!

Anyway, they both miss everyone in South Carolina and wanted to make sure everyone knew they were here in LA! If anyone's out this way, please come see us! They're staying at the local Ronald McDonald House, a beautiful facility, and if all goes well today, should be on their way home in a month.

I'm attaching a couple of photos, one of Salee and one of Salee and me on the ferris wheel at Santa Monica pier, which she loved. Off to Shriners now; I’ll try to send a walking photo soon!

Thank you all for your compassion and love,


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