Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sickening comment on NPR this morning

The original report is at this link.

This is supposed to be a report from an author writing about a war, but I am sure this author is clueless and probably evil too.  Here is the comment I left for NPR (I used nice language, since cussing at them will mean the comment is not published - but they deserved a few cuss words for allowing this comment to go unchallenged):

I was appalled when I heard the comment “we got sucked into something that actually has turned out OK”.  There are two grievous lies here:  “we” did not get sucked into anything….we went ahead with a war of aggression against a country that never threatened or attacked us.  And anyone with any brains could figure out in 2002 that there were no WMDs there, so anyone who said there were is either a liar or dumb as a rock.

And then there is the Iraq “turned out OK”.  That is a totally sickening comment – there are now seven million Iraqis who are either dead, injured, or homeless.  There are millions who are widows or orphans.  A widow of one of the men killed in the WikiLeaks video said “We lost our country and our lives were destroyed.”
 I do not understand how NPR can have people on your program and allow them to say such stupid comments and not challenge them.  I wish you could explain yourself. 

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