Monday, August 30, 2010

Bean counters for the Holocaust

People often tell me that pacifism will NEVER work, because of people like Hitler.  But what if NO ONE in the US had funded, armed or helped Hitler?  Would Hitler have been able to do what he did, if NO ONE in the US had helped him out?

Here is one US corporation that did help Hitler.  Apparently, they did it through out the entire war.  They did it for money, as always.  And their greedy ways resulted in the deaths of millions of Jews.


Belle said...

This is another instance of how even the death of people means nothing to corporations. I'm sure Halliburton and oil companies and banks were all happy about the war in Iraq. I think the death of soldiers and innocent people didn't bother them at all. I don't think it bothered Bush and his friends. It is hard to believe people who run these companies could be so cold, so without a conscience.

I remember when I saw a show about Enron, and how the people who worked there laughed about Californians who couldn't pay their electric bill. It was hard to take in that there were Americans who could act like that about other Americans. Evil is something uncomprehensible sometimes.

dancewater said...

They are sociopaths.

And so are about 50% of our elected Democrat politicians in DC, and 95% of our elected Republican politicians in DC.