Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Have you heard the response to WikiLeaks documents?

Have you heard the response of ordinary Afghans to the Wikileaks Afghan War Logs, especially since the 92210 leaked documents are about them?

Your answer will most likely be ‘No’ ; that’s how dominantly the elite dictate our world views.

The Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers have already responded twice to date. The first letter is “The 92210 pieces of my broken Afghan heart’. The 2nd was sent to Iraq veteran Josh Stieber with the hope that it would be read somewhere, entitled “Our ordinary hell.”

‘No’ is normal. Nameless people have been killed for the sake of many different Names for centuries, without any mention or notice. What is scary is that in the rare instance when an individual ‘no-body’ is mentioned, it doesn’t move us and it doesn’t change us.

Whatever our politics or religion, we all recognize that killing doesn’t improve our situation. And that mass killing doesn’t make us kinder.

Killing haunts. Better to be hunted for truth than to be haunted for lies.

So, Assange, Manning, stand in the wind.

Stand as a free Men.

Stand freely for love because you are obeying the higher order of conscience rather than the dusty order of power.

And we, the nobodies, the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers, will stand with you, believing that truth will protect itself and that the structures of violent power must soon be transformed.

And love is how.

Hakim and the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers

The above came in an email from the Journey to Smile people.  Here is their video:

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