Thursday, December 02, 2010

The continuing effects....

All of a sudden the Christian woman broke down crying making it more difficult to understand what she was saying other than “kaneesa... kaneesa” or “church... church”. But there was no need for words to explain how she was feeling.

The October 31st siege of the Sayidat al-Najat Church in Baghdad, the worst attack on Iraq’s Christian minority in the past seven years,  was a  horrific hours-long hostage ordeal that left 53 Christians dead. This attack and others that have  followed have left many in the dwindling community paralyzed by fear.

The Muslim woman, all teary eyed, put her hand on the Christian’s and looked up at me  “See what they have done to our country? ... They have separated the Iraqis... The Christians are good people and now look what they are doing to them”

For these two women there are memories of better days in Iraq;  days of less freedoms, but more security.  Days that many of Iraq’s older generation reminisce over as they repeatedly tell you about how all Iraqis Shiite, Sunni and Christian coexisted in harmony.

It is a massive, massive, hideous evil that we have done to Iraq.  And now the US is going to go on and do it to Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen.

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