Wednesday, January 16, 2013

More evil from the US government

Hundreds of thousands of Iranians with serious illnesses have been put at imminent risk by the unintended consequences of international sanctions, which have led to dire shortages of life-saving medicines such as chemotherapy drugs for cancer and bloodclotting agents for haemophiliacs.  .... "Sometimes companies agree to sell us drugs but we have no way of paying them. On one occasion, our money was in the bank for four months but the transfer repeatedly got rejected," Naser Naghdi, the director general of Darou Pakhsh, the country's biggest pharmaceutical company, told the Guardian, in a telephone interview from Tehran.

In my opinion, this is pure evil. Iran has every right to nuclear power, and there is no indication that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons. And yet, the USA has made them suffer grievously, while they have done NOTHING to hurt our country. The point of these sanctions is the same as the point of the Iraq sanctions – to make them weak, so that one day the US government can declare war on them and control their oil. It is pure evil. Everyone in the US government who supports this has innocent blood on their hands – lots of it.

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