Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Tenth anniversary of Powell's Day of Shame

Ten years ago today, Powell made a speech to the UN that was full of lies.  Afterwards, I was confident that the US "news" media would tear him apart, since it clearly was such a line of bullshit.  Instead, they acted like pre-teens with a crush on their fellow school mates.  Of course, they were just following the will of their corporate masters (or they are dumb as rocks).

Powell's day of intense shame and dishonestly lead to the death of hundreds of thousands of innocents, and destroyed the lives of millions more.

And there are many more pictures like the one above were on my blog FACES OF GRIEF.  What the US has done is a massive, massive war crime and a huge evil.  May God forgive us.

Update: I took down the blog Faces of Grief a while back.

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