Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Letter to the Washington Post

Sent earlier this month:

Dear Mr. Feaver:

The IAEA does not state that Iran has a nuclear weapon, nor do they state that Iran is building one.  Your paper has portrayed Iran as making an effort to get nuclear weapons, and there are no facts to support this claim.

I believe telling fabrications like this is very dangerous, and could lead to war. I also believe that war is a failure of human compassion and human intelligence. I had thought that your paper had learned something from not reporting on the lies about Iraq’s WMDs, but I guess I was wrong about that.

Iran’s nuclear weapons program is just like Iraq’s WMD program. It does not exist. It is a lie, then and now. I was smart enough to figure out back in the fall of 2002 that Iraq did not have WMDs, so I think you really should question why all the journalists at the Washington Post in 2002 was not nearly as smart as an audiologist in North Carolina.

In my eyes, your paper’s failure to report the truth on Iraq resulted in a lot of innocent blood being spilled, and it spilled onto your hands. I do not want to see the Washington Post repeat that mistake and thereby spill more innocent blood.

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