Friday, August 01, 2014

Ever wonder?

Ever wonder what you would have done (if you were old enough to be alive in the 1930s and living in the USA) and a ship with hundreds of refugee children from Germany had arrived at our shores without their parents, wanting to come to live here?  Well, now you know, because what you are doing now is what you would have done then.

Ever wonder what your US government would have done if they had know about the Nazi run concentration camps and the Warsaw Getto uprising? Well, now you know. They would have voted to let the slaughter continue, because that is what 100% of US Senators did when they voted to support Israel in it's current genocide. Ever wonder what you would have done in response to US Senators support of genocide?  Well, now you low, because what you are doing right now is your response.

And by the way - the US government did know about the Nazi concentration camps back in the 1940s. They did not give a shit about that genocide, just like they truly don't give a shit about the genocide and Warsaw uprising happening today in Gaza. And if you are doing nothing, then you truly, madly, deeply don't give a shit either about genocide.

And while what I am attempting to do may not make any difference, I am at least trying. Every damn day.

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