Friday, September 25, 2015

Photos from the People's Peace Festival in Asheville

 These are some young people looking at the display about how our government spends our tax dollars versus how we wish they would spend our tax dollars. They are from All Souls congregation.

 Banner I had made years ago.

 Front of the Asheville Friends table at the festival. 
Margaret and Margaret are sitting behind the table. 

 A scene of various booths at the festival.

 Veterans for Peace booth at the festival - Bob Feldman, Josephine, 
Jim Duffy, Cindy Heil, Lyle Petersen and Gerry Werhan.

 Lyle and Gerry

 Photos of Ron Harayda, our past president who passed away last winter.

 Chris Berg - not at the Vets for Peace booth, but wearing their shirt.

 NC Green Party booth.

 Green Grannies singing at the festival.

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