Saturday, September 19, 2015


I had the pleasure of knowing Rusul while she was in Greenville SC for medical treatment. She was a beautiful, beautiful child, and she was lots of fun to be around. She was injured by a US helicopter/gunship when they shot into her yard, killing a brother, a neighborhood child, and taking off her sister's (Salee) legs above the knees. The children were playing a game of hopscotch. No adults were hurt. The US military never took any responsibility for this bombing.
Rusul had a badly damaged foot that was amputated and she was fitted in with a prosthesis a few years back in Greenville SC. She had shrapnel wounds on her body that she showed me. I got word on Friday that she has died, presumably from an infection at her wound site, but I don't know the details. She was very deeply religious and this child loved nature of all kinds. She never complained, at least not around me. Helicopters scared her.
I am so sad at the suffering of children caused by the US government and US population and their vastly stupid and evil wars. May God forgive us for our many sins.
I was told that "Rusul" means "messenger" in Arabic.

Picture of Cathy's house, where we held a party and fund-raiser for Rusul's medical care. 
This was in 2009.

 Rusull on the trampoline.

 Rusul at a cafe in Greenville, SC.

 Beth and Rusul

 Rusul was always smiling.

 Welcome Party at the airport in 2009.

 Banner at the airport for Rusul.

 Rusul and Ann Miller at the airport.

 Rusul and her dad.

Rusul is in the blue dress, listening to Cathy's kids sing "Blowing in the Wind" by Bob Dylan. I remember at the time it made me want to cry to see these beautiful children singing about the ceaseless wars the USA engages in.... with no idea how to end them.

I had no idea that Rusul would not survive to be an adult. 

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