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Comments from Abu Khalil and myself

An email I sent out recently to friends, after the terror attack in Paris:

I think Abu Khalil has some really good points here - and we cannot hope to stop this terrorism without stopping our own government's terrorism and without stopping our so-called "allies" terrorism. We also have to stop arming and funding these groups. I added some comments after Abu Khalil's comments. His comments are numbered, mine are in parenthesis. 

Subject: Some observations about the carnage in Paris
        ~ Abu   Khalil, Angry Arab Blogspot

November 14, 2015

Some observations about the carnage in Paris
1) ISIS has gone on the offensive: in ten days, they downed a Russian civilian airliner, massacred Hazara Shi`ites in Afghanistan, bombed the southern suburbs of Beirut and now Paris.

(also bombed Baghdad, killing over a dozen).

2) Western governments: US and France in particular along with their Saudi, Qatari, and Turkish allies are directly responsible for the rise and expansion of ISIS through their policies in Syria which cuddled and nurtured ISIS and its sister terrorist organizations.

(our policies in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya also contributed.)

3) there is no way on earth to stem the menace of ISIS and Al-Qa`idah like organizations without going to the source, in Saudi Arabia which is the official headquarters of the Ibn Taymiyyah's terrorist interpretation of Islam.

4) Ibn Taymiyyah is the one thinker/theologian who has inspired and guided the deeds and thoughts of terrorists striking in the name of Islam.

5) Western governments AND media have been rather cynically silent about victims of ISIS terrorism if the civilian victims happen to be categorized as "enemies".  Western governments AND media (look at the dispatches from Times and Post over the last 4 years about Syria) have consistently ignored and even cheered sectarian massacres of Syrian and Lebanese civilians if seems as being perpetrated by foes of the Syrian regime.

(I think this reflects the fact that westerns only really seem to care about other westerners.)

6) Just as ISIS and Al-Qa`idah brought terrorism to the heart of the West, Western governments have also been exporting death and destruction to the Middle East and North Africa: from Mali to Libya to Egypt to Sudan to Somalia to Syria to Iraq to Pakistan to Afghanistan.  Terrorism has been inflicted on people in those countries by the terrorism of ISIS and Al-Qa`idah and by the bombs and rockets and drones of Western governments.

(and just last week, the US government claimed to have killed top ISIS leaders in both Iraq and Libya. Dropping bombs is clearly not helping, and the US government never seems to learn that the top leadership of our enemy-du-jour is easily replaced. In other words, those people are exactly like us! We too could easily replace our Sec of Defense, President, Generals, whoever, in a matter of days or hours.)

7) All Arabs today have noticed something that can't be ignored: how ISIS and Al-Qa`idah terrorists travel the world to inflict their terrorism by yet spare Israel and its interests.  The relationship between the Israeli Zionist occupation entity and Nusrah Front — the official branch of Al-Qa`idah in Syria — is not a secret anymore.

(yes, Israel is helping the rebels in Syria, including treating ISIS in their hospitals and then releasing them back to Syria, and Israel is also doing some bombing now and then in Syria. So both Israel and the USA are bombing Syria, and so is Russia. One day, they will bomb Russia - or vice-versa - and then maybe we will be in a war with Russia. This strikes me as incredibly dangerous and vastly stupid. No way ISIS can REALLY hurt us or any westerners, no matter how many terrorist attacks they pull off. But a war with Russia could damage the whole damn planet.)

8) ISIS can't be defeated from the air as long as Western governments and their Gulf and Turkish allies assist it on the ground, directly or indirectly.


9) Just as Western powers created and nurtured the precursor of Al-Qa`idah in Afghanistan in order to defeat the communist regime there, those same powers have created and nurtured a cocktail of the worst Middle East terrorists ever in Syria in the hope that they would bring down the Syrian regime.

(And the actions of the western powers were evil from start to finish.)

10) the story of ISIS terrorism began with not only the invasion of Iraq and its repercussions in 2003 but also with the creation of a vast save haven for Islamist terrorism in Libya.  Libya was the biggest gift to Jihadi terrorism since the fall of the Taliban.

(Thank you Hilary Clinton!)

11) US and France have been creating the culture of terrorism in the region (along with GCC regimes) but creating a reckless and terrorist haven in Syria in the name of fighting for "democracy and secularism"--in the stupid language of John Kerry--by making dubious distinctions between various terrorists in Syria through making allies with Nusrah Front there and its affiliates.

(Can we finally admit that the US politicians don't really even care if other people live or die, much less whether they have freedom or not? And they sure don't care if they are secular or not.)

12) The myth of moderate Syrian rebels in Syria has to be discarded. The remnants of Free Syrian Army units are basically ISIS in the waiting.

(Always was a myth. Bombing people, start up wars of aggression, hijack other people's revolutions does not lead to reasonable people making reasonable decisions. It leads to people going bat shit crazy and doing violent things.)

13) Western correspondents in Beirut who are in charge of covering the Syrian savage war are all guilty (with the exception of Patrick Cockburn) for misinforming their leaders and misguiding them. They have been ignoring AND JUSTIFYING the scores of car bombs and war crimes by Syrian rebels in Syria and Lebanon because those crimes fit into their struggle against the Syrian regime.

(Yeah, our western media madly, truly, deeply sucks - almost without exception. Democracy Now is the exception.)

14) Western human right organizations are also guilty for creating a culture of bogus human rights rhetoric which belittled and even justified the war crimes of Syrian rebels - see the latest human rights report by HRW on placing Alawite women in cages.

(Please do not give your charity money to anyone associated with the US State Department or US government or the UN. The US has corrupted the UN. This includes Human Rights Watch, Save the Children, Amnesty International, and Mercy Ships.)

15) French policy under the socialist government has even elevated the relationship with the Saudi and Qatari regimes--the two governments which more than anyone have sponsored and armed and financed the cocktail of the most dangerous terrorists in Syria.

(oh, our NATO partner Turkey did a lot too. And Israel has too.)

16) It is high time that Western governments give up on their policies and wars in Syria not to preserve the Syrian regime - as Iran and Russia would like - but to exclude from the future of Syria both sides of war criminals there.

(They are all war criminals and they are not going anywhere. Since Western governments, especially the US and NATO governments, are also war criminals, I think the solution is GET THE WESTERN GOVERNMENTS THE HELL OUT OF THERE AND STOP SENDING ANY FUNDS OR WEAPONS TO ANYONE, ANYWHERE. That means all troops return to their home countries. Yes, it will be a horrible blood bath. But these governments CANNOT help in the long run. Yes, it is pretty damn dismal.)

17) I don't like Bashshar Al-Asad one bit and I wanted the overthrow of that regime since 1976 when its army invaded Lebanon and smashed my dreams of a progressive leftist revolution in Lebanon, but who can now disagree with the warnings given by him three years ago that those terrorists that they are helping will one day strike in the heart of Europe? Syrian regime supporters are today all over reproducing those remarks and reairing them.

18) The Saudi and Qatari regime media (Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiyya in particular but others as well) have created a culture of terrorism in which crimes against civilians who happen to be Shi`ites or Alawites or Christians or Sunnis who reside in "regime dominated areas of Syria" are justified on a daily basis. Just yesterday, after the bombs of the southern suburbs both Saudi and Qatari regime media provided ample justifications and rationalization for the crimes and lionized the terrorists who perpetrated them.  This culture of terrorism is responsible climate in which crimes of Paris take place.

(All violence should be condemned. It is all terror.)

19) Western governments can't have it both ways: they can't continue to support gulf regimes and arming them while claiming to want to fight terrroism.

(That claim by western government of 'fighting terror' is totally nonsense. The western governments know what they are doing and they are doing it on purpose.)

20) US and Western governments and media are responsible for the selective denunciations and condemnations culture: they are silent about the daily crimes against the Palestinian civilian population by key West ally, the terrorist state of Israel.

(And all violence and oppression should be condemned, no matter the victim or perpetrator.)

21) Arabs/Muslims and Westerners can't get to reach a common understanding against all manners of terrorism as long as Western governments and Arab regimes continue to be selective in condemnation of terrorism.

(Again - I believe they are doing it on purpose.)

22) Western support for dictatorships in the Arab world are responsible in many ways for the creation of ISIS and those terrorist groups.

23) terrorist groups in the Middle East have been used and misused by local regimes and Western powers and Israel for many decades.

24) Yes, the Iraq invasion of 2003 has proven to be exactly what Jacque Chirac has warned it would be: a dangerous pandora's box.

(I predicted it would be hell on earth too. Very sorry that I was proved correct on this prediction. I sincerely hoped I was wrong, for the sake of the Iraqi people.)

25) Obama has really not deviated from the dangerous policies of Bush and his expansion of wars in the Middle East fueled the rise of ISIS.

(He has not and Sanders won't either. Clinton will likely make it worse.)

26) The Islam of Arab regimes is a dangerous and conservative Islam.  It can't be changed by the military commanders of Western powers but it can be changed by the people of the region if they are allowed to choose and think freely: but neither the West nor the Arab regimes want the Arabs
to think freely. Al-Azhar University has become through bribes a tool for the Saudi Wahhabi regime.

27) It is not sectarian to declare Saudi Wahhabi doctrine as the official doctrine of Jihadi terrorism.  Wahhabiyyah is not a sect: it is a school of fanatical terrorist thought and practice.

28)  How does Western powers fight ISIS? They foolishly rely on a royal buffoon in Jordan and on the UAE regime to engage in promoting a kinder Islam in social media. The fools in DC who think that those potentates have any standing among the young Muslims need to have their heads examined.

29) Western powers and media are all hypocrites: they still cheer or cover up the war crimes of ISIS and Nusrah in Syria if the affected victims happen to reside in Syrian regime controlled areas.

30) there should be a categorical end to external support of ALL Syrian rebels and to the Syrian regime by all sides.

31) there is more but I have to run.

(There is so much more.)

32) Oh, also: why does the media coverage make these massacres West-versus-Islam when many of the victims in Paris would most likely include many Muslims and when ISIS in the Middle East kill more Muslims than non-Muslims, despite the fact that members of US Congress only see Jews and Christians as victims but not Muslims.

(It is all part of the plan. Amazing how many stupid and hateful people fall for it.)

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